Disney Plus Movies To Watch With Dad on Father’s Day

Disney Plus Movies To Watch With Dad on Father’s Day

What a better way to celebrate Father’s Day than watching a movie with dad? We’ve found the gems on Disney+ that both you and dad will want to watch.

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It’s Father’s Day, and what better way to celebrate the special occasion than to watch a movie on Disney Plus with dad? Kick back and enjoy a relaxing night in front of the TV with a pick from our perfect Father’s Day watchlist. We’ve found the films that are sure to put a smile on dad’s face (and bonus they’re movies you’ll actually want to watch too.) We recommend pairing the festivities with an ice-cold beer, a cozy couch, and for an extra special treat some delicious Disney movie marathon popcorn

remember the titans

remember the titans_Large.jpg

Remember the Titans follows the story of a football team in Virginia dealing with racial tensions. Through their uniting as a team, they bring their entire town together. Denzel Washington delivers a stellar performance as the coach, and the film stacks up as an all-around great sports movie. Dads will be nostalgic for the 70s setting and their own high school football glory days. 



This 1982 cult classic is a sure-fire hit with dad. Tron follows a young computer programmer (played by Jeff Bridges) who gets transported inside a computer. Yup, this movie is weird. We’re not going to lie, many of the special effects don’t really hold up 38 years later – but the sleek world aesthetic and action scenes still pack a punch. Make this one a double feature by popping on Tron Legacy afterward (and blast the Daft Punk soundtrack until Dad has a fit.)  

free solo


Free soloing – climbing without safety equipment. This Academy Award winning documentary will have both you and pops on the edge of your sofa. The type of film that will make dads nerd out over the dinner table recounting the tale, the movie follows the fascinating journey of a man attempting to scale Yosemite’s 3200-foot El Capitan without a rope. Both a feat of incredible physical and mental prowess – Free Solo is also a journey deep into the psyche of Alex Honnold. Sit back and enjoy the ride.



The single greatest supporting moment in your American dad’s memory – Miracle tells the story of the 1980 U.S. Olympic team’s journey to bring home the gold. The film will bring dad back to the moment it all happened and you even catch a tear or two in his eye. “3…2…1…do you believe in miracles?” – of course, every Disney fan does! 

Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 


Take Dad back to his youth with a re-watch of one of the greatest movies in the Star Wars IP. We’re guessing your dad will inevitably toss out a “they don’t make ’em like this anymore” at least once during the viewing. Watch Luke get his hand chopped off (spoiler alert), tensions heat up between Han and Leia, and a whole lot of Jedi training wisdom gets served up from Yoda. May the force be with your Father’s Day! 

The Rookie


Follow the story of an aging pitcher reviving his dream of pursuing a professional career in baseball. The Rookie will delight any father who has been missing his fix of baseball games. An all-around feel-good, this movie is a guaranteed mood booster – plus who can’t use a reminder that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams?   

Are you watching along with us on Father’s Day? Let us know in the comments below!    


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