5 Reasons Why We’re Stoked Olivia Wilde Is Directing Spider-Woman

5 Reasons Why We’re Stoked Olivia Wilde Is Directing Spider-Woman

Olivia Wilde is taking the director’s seat for Marvel’s new Spider-Woman flick. Here’s why we think she’s the perfect choice.

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Olivia Wilde is directing the new Spider-woman movie

Starlet and coveted director, Olivia Wilde has been tapped to take the director’s chair in Sony’s latest Marvel film project. Olivia was kind enough to drop hints on both Twitter and Instagram to all but confirm that the new flick is what fans have been hoping for, Spider-Woman.

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Though details remain sparse about what to expect from the new flick, there’s plenty to be excited about. Here are the five reasons we think Wilde and the film are a perfect pairing! 

#1. Women Directing Women, Hell Yeah

Since we know Spider-Woman is going to have to kickass lady lead, we love the idea of a woman director taking the wheel on the flick. Who better to understand how to create a relatable and fully rounded out female character than well, a woman? Wilde getting a crack at a big-budget Marvel flick continues the positive movement of seeing more inclusivity in Hollywood. We’re here for it.  

#2. Olivia Knows Action

Spider-Woman is going to feature a whole lotta flying, kicking, and punching. Wilde’s mastery over action combat was on full display when she took on the role of Quorra in TRON: Legacy. As someone who’s already delivered jaw-dropping fight scenes on the silver screen (that bar fight scene? YES GIRL!), we trust Wilde’s got what it takes to serve up action sequences worthy of the friendly neighborhood superhero. 

Details on why Olivia Wilde landed the director’s seat for Spider-Woman

#3. She’s Got Serious Chops 

Have you missed Wilde’s recent rise to directing royalty? Last year marked her move to director’s chair with the surprise hit coming-of-age tale, Booksmart. The flick was one of 2019’s best-reviewed films of the year and studios have been courting her for a slew of directing gigs since. We’re excited to see Wilde’s new take on a character that’s graced the silver screen for decades. 

#4. She’s in a Power Duo 

The script for Spider-Woman will be penned by Katie Silberman, who paired with Wilde on Booksmart. That film ended up landing Silberman a WGA nomination for best original screenplay and loads of accolades for Wilde. Clearly, this writer/director duo just works. The talented pair of creators will continue to tackle more projects together in 2020, taking on a Christmas flick before they start work on Spider-Woman.

Olivia Wilde directs Spiderwoman

#5. Okay, Just Spider-Woman

Okay, we’re just excited about Spider-Woman, period. Wilde aside, we’re squealing with delight over the idea of another female superhero being adding to the Marvel roster. With Captain Marvel 2 already in the works, Spider-Woman marks the latest addition to a set of releases that has us hopeful we’ll see more female leads in blockbuster movies. Spider-Woman has had several alter egos over the years – Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Jessica Drew – and we’ve loved them all. The new direction for the character is brimming with the promise, and Wilde being added to the docket only makes us more stoked. 

What are your thoughts on the announcement? Are you ready for Spider-Woman to hit your local movie theater? Let us know in the comments below!

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