9.15.20 Daily Disney News Briefing – The TL:DR

9.15.20 Daily Disney News Briefing – The TL:DR

Here’s your TL:DR in the world of Disney news today.

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Catch up in Disney news in 5 minutes. Here’s what’s happening in the world of Disney Parks today.

Walt Disney World is Officially Decorated for Halloween

The decor’s here, it’s cute, it’s seasonal, it’s scaled back from past years. Halloween cavalcades are a hit. They feature Jack Skellington, Sally, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger and Mickey’s whole gang and even drop the Halloween tune, “Boo To You” as they drive past you. Fall food is here too, but that’s been slowly rolling out since last week.

More Pressure on Newsom To Re-Open California Theme Parks

Theories have been flying rampant around Disneyland’s much anticipated re-opening. Now a statement from Anaheim city spokesperson Mike Lyster makes it clear that Newsom and the city are not on the same page. Lyster said, “Beaches are open, museums are open, zoos are open and most of SeaWorld in San Diego is open…There does not seem to be a lot of consistency there.” Newsom remains mum on the issue. Our take? We don’t see Disneyland or Universal Hollywood’s re-opening happening anytime soon.

Anaheim officials put more pressure on Govenor Newsom to re-open Disneyland

The Mandalorian Season 2 Trailer is Here

The trailer is FINALLY released! The new Mandalorian season drops Oct 30th on Disney Plus. Read what to expect for season 2 here.

Olu Pops Up at Polynesian Resort, Terrifying Some, Delighting Others

Olu Mel is a funky looking turtle who calls Shanghai Disneyland and Aulani Resort home. For a limited time he’s popped up with special treats and merchandise at The Polynesian Resort. The treats are a sweet decorated cupcake and a soft serve dessert.

And that’s everything you need to know for today’s Disney Parks news!

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