A Letter to Disney Cast Members

A Letter to Disney Cast Members

A thank you for all that you do.

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It must be wonderful to work in a place so many people love. I’m sure the castle and attractions are less magical when you’ve worked behind the scenes, and I know every day isn’t easy. But, I want you to know my latest trip to Disney World, even with all of the safety protocols in place, was the best Disney trip I’ve ever had—and it’s entirely thanks to you.  

However, I sadly witnessed poor guest behavior every day of my trip—much worse than I had ever seen. I noticed a theme in social media posts: many cast members felt abused by guests. It broke my heart and inspired me to write you a letter of gratitude.  

For every single bad day you’ve had, I’m sorry. Please don’t the callousness of strangers hurt your heart; their behavior reflects on them, not you. I’m sure that while you’re busy sprinkling virtual (and real!) pixie dust on guests, you often feel overlooked. I’m sorry some people fail to appreciate all you do. Please don’t let them steal your joy.  

I know how grueling and unforgiving people can be. I need you to realize you’re such an essential part of the Disney experience. Without you, the parks wouldn’t be the same. Being at Disney isn’t just about the spectacle; it’s about the enchantment of experiencing joy with people who care about ‘the magic’ as much as you do. It’s about so much more than amusement—it’s about connection.  

Magic is in the air at Disney parks, and your spirits fuel it. When you put a little extra care into our PhotoPass pictures by the castle, when you bond with us over Raya and the Last Dragon, or when your break out in dance, you help create lifelong memories.  

I visited Disney World for the first time when I was 21. During that trip, I was greeted by a cast member who grew up one town over from me. I realized how connected our world was at that moment, and I felt like I was home.  

I love connecting with you over tattoos. I love to see your expression of art; for every “that’s so cute” I get for my Timon or Anton Ego sketched pieces, I happily trade a warm “yours too!” with you! 

Our conversations stay with me for days, sometimes years.   

I need you to know how grateful I am for every single one of you. The joy you bring into the lives of countless people is indescribable. For many of us, Disney parks are among the few places we can feel free to be ourselves—I cannot overstate how important you are to that freedom.   

While there aren’t enough ways to say thank you for all you do, please know that I know the magic comes from you!  



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