New Rides Universal Studios 2022 Nintendo Land

All the New Rides and Experiences Coming to Universal Studios in 2022

All the New Rides and Experiences Coming to Universal Studios in 2022

We've got all the details on new rides and experiences
New Rides Universal Studios 2022 Nintendo Land

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It’s a new year, and you know what that means—new Universal Studios attractions on both coasts—planning a visit this year? Perfecting the Magic has the inside scoop on the new rides and experiences coming to Universal Studios theme parks in 2022! Be sure to read on, so you don’t miss a thing! 

New Rides Universal 2022

Super Nintendo Land 

The west coast iteration of Universal Studios is gearing up for an exciting arrival as the construction process of the park’s upcoming Super Nintendo land steadily progresses.  

Once Super Nintendo Land is open, guests can expect to live out their Mario
Kart dreams in this immersive new park experience. There’s some speculation of a Yoshi-centric family friendly ride coming as well, but nothing has been confirmed just yet. 

Nintendo Fans are hyped, and we’re right there with them. 

If this news wasn’t quite enough to entice you, our sources tell us that fan-favorite characters will join the land; you can expect plenty of themed eats and merchandise, too. Get a sneak peek at some of the merchandise here! 

While no official grand opening date has been announced, PTM will deliver all the details of this ongoing development in the months to come. 

New Things Coming To Universal in 2022 - Universal Citywalk Updates

Foodie Dreams 

A delicious addition is making its way to Universal Hollywood’s CityWalk! We can’t wait to sink our teeth into everything that The Toothsome Chocolate Emporium & Savory Feast Kitchen has to offer. This location initially had a 2021 opening date, but had been pushed back and will most likely open this year!  

Universal Orlando 

Over on the east coast, Universal Studios Orlando and Islands of Adventure are preparing for a HUGE expansion. Universal’s Epic Universe construction is well underway, and this park is said to include a Super Nintendo land and a Dreamworks area as well. 

Epic Universe New Rides 2022

Although this project is slated for a 2025 opening, there will be plenty of updates on this land as construction continues throughout 2022, and we’ll be keeping you updated.  

Out with the Old, In with the New 

2021 brought the debut of the award-winning Velocicoaster, and we’re excited to see new attractions come to Universal Studios Orlando. However, sometimes that means we lose a fan favorite.  

Shrek 4D will be closing in January 2022, and while there are no plans to replace this attraction, the building holds great promise and potential, and we’ll be keeping a close eye on any changes to come. 

Universal Orlando New Rides 2022

The Future is Bright 

We look forward to seeing what else is in store for Universal Studios parks on both coasts. Be sure to follow Perfecting the Magic on socials so you’re park-ready any time of year! 

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