California Governor Newsom On Theme Parks Possibly Not Opening Until 2021

California Governor Newsom On Theme Parks Possibly Not Opening Until 2021

See you next year, Disneyland?

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In a California Wildfire and COVID-19 update from early this afternoon, California governor Gavin Newsom spoke on the reality of California businesses (including Disney Parks) not re-opening until 2021. He indicated that this was the most likely scenario and that asking when business’ will reopen isn’t the prudent question.

In his statement, he presents the question of when a COVID vaccine will be available and ready to distribute to “tens of millions” as opposed to when businesses will reopen. 

California Governor Newsom On Theme Parks Possibly Not Opening Until 2021 - See You Next Year Disneyland?

Newsom had this to say in regard to business’ not reopening until 2021:

“Look, I understand the prevailing winds where people are pushing optimism because we’re desperate for it and we’re all longing for a ‘When is this thing over?’ question to be answered. When can I get this vaccine? When can I get my kids back to school? When can I go back to work? When can I reopen my doors, my business?

And the sober reality is — and this is the sober reality — the expectation should not — cannot — be this calendar year. For the overwhelming majority of us to get to where we need to go as a nation, as a state, that will not happen until 2021

The real question is, when in 2021 are we going to see broad availability and distribution of tens of millions — dare I say, hundreds of millions — of doses of vaccine made readily available in a way we can be confident about the efficacy of the vaccine and the impact of the vaccine on immunity.”

California is expected to release a more specific statement on theme park reopening guidelines tomorrow, October 20, 2020 as LA-based reporter Elex Michaelson shared via Twitter.

Newsom’s most recent statement does warrant keeping this in mind when considering what your future travel to California and Disneyland might look like: Newsom has said that vaccines (if approved quickly) will be distributed to those most vulnerable first before becoming available to the general public at large. This will undoubtedly impact both California residents and those looking to visit in the future!

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