Creative Learning on the Way with Disney Imagination Campus

Creative Learning on the Way with Disney Imagination Campus

Aspiring Imagineers are going to love this

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This week we spotted that Disney is rolling out a newly reimagined program called Disney Imagination Campus. With Disney’s own long-term investment in educational programs like the Disney College Program and conservation efforts at Animal Kingdom, this “imagination-powered” program is a hands-on approach for students of varying ages.

Disney Imagination Campus is aspiring to “be the leading student enrichment provider for educators who believe that imagination and creativity should be part of every student’s educational experience.”

What It’s All About

The Disney Imagination Campus is an initiative that’s set to launch in 2022. According to the official site, students will be able to enroll in January 2022. 

The different areas that the program will cover include:

  • Performing arts

  • Arts and humanities

  • Science and technology

  • Leadership and innovation

There are several different workshops available under each education area, so we’ve pulled out a couple that stood out to PTM!

Disney Broadway Magic


This workshop falls under performing arts and will give students a hands-on look at how musical theater works. There’ll be industry professionals working with students as they learn audition techniques and work on song and scene selections that are picked for the workshop specifically. 

Technology in Imagineering

This workshop from the science and technology tier is focused all around the technology that powers the different attractions and lands at Disney Parks. Students will be able to learn about the technical aspects of attractions like how the hydraulics function and how sound is used throughout the parks.

As someone who finds the details and mechanical aspects that go into theme park rides absolutely fascinating, I lowkey wish I could take this workshop. 


The program and workshops have been worked on in collaboration with the Imagineering and Live Entertainment branches of Disney as well as with the help of teachers.

With many of the workshops open to students ranging from middle school to college level, the Imagination Campus might be a unique way to learn more about the inner workings of a creative business or about parts of the entertainment industry. Maryann Smith, the Vice President of Sales, Services, and Events at Disney Destinations shared that the workshops would take place inside of Disney’s “real-world learning laboratories and performance venues across our theme parks.” 

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