Dairy Free Dining in Disney World: Top Five Picks

Dairy Free Dining in Disney World: Top Five Picks

We share the 5 must-eat Disney World dairy-free items from our expert, Emily!

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If you have a food allergy, you know it can be challenging to eat out. Dairy free Dining in Disney World is not as difficult as it can be at your average restaurant. I want to give you my top five dairy free recommendations in Walt Disney World. A few pointers before we get into the dairy free delights! 

Disney can’t help you if you don’t let them know you have an allergy. Inform your server because most dining restaurants have an alternative allergy friendly menu. The allergy menu clearly states if the dish is dairy free, gluten free or other common allergy friendly options. 

If you are going to a special dining experience it is important to tell them when you place the reservation (or at least advance notice) so that there is an option for you.

#1 Afternoon Tea at Garden View Tea Room in the Grand Floridian

You may not realize by the name of this experience that you will be full by the end of it! I honestly felt like I had too much food! This is not only magical because it is at the magnificent Grand Floridian but you also get to enjoy a tea fit for a princess, with courses! I will definitely be doing this on every future trip!

This reservation cannot be made through My Disney Experience, you have to call to reserve it. My husband made sure to tell the cast member helping him reserve this dining experience that he had someone in his party who had an allergy. The chef came out to chat with me before we were served. He was so kind and accommodating. He let me know the only dessert I could partake in with a dairy allergy was the scones. 


My husband got an amazing tower of treats, I was a little jealous. He had the cutest little swan pastry with grey stuff inside, as well as French macarons. I hope in the future they provide more diary free and gluten free options for desserts. 

However, by the time the scones came out I was already so full. My selection was a little different than my husband’s who didn’t have an allergy. You can see cheese on my fruit plate because he wanted mine in addition to his! Everything was excellent. 

  • Each of us got to choose a pot of tea 

  • Fruit platter (for dairy eaters: this includes cheese)

  • Finger Sandwiches- assorted

  • Dessert- scones with jam

#2 Dole Whip

My go-to refreshing dairy free treat is pineapple Dole Whip. The most iconic place to get a Dole Whip is at Aloha Isle in Magic Kingdom. Currently they serve a cup of dole whip as well as a float with pineapple juice. Typically they had an option to get it served on top of a pineapple upside-cake. (Menus are limited due to current Covid restrictions).

You can also find Dole Whip at Animal Kingdom at Tamu Tamu Refreshments. Currently they offer a new Simba Sunset: DOLE Whip Pineapple with Watermelon, Strawberry and Coconut-flavored Syrup.

Disney Springs near the World of Disney store has a kiosk that has pineapple Dole Whip.

EPCOT’s Flower and Garden festival also served Dole Whip at the Pineapple Promenade.

A few resorts also serve Dole Whip. Keep your eye out for those special new flavor options they premiere for limited times! 

#3 Dairy Free Milkshake at Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater

When we went on a trip in 2016 I didn’t know to ask about Dairy Free Dining in Disney World. When we were planning our trip in 2019 I did more research and realized there were more options for dairy free ice cream, even though it wasn’t listed on the standard menus.

My first time at the Sci-fi Dine-In Theater I didn’t know I could get a milkshake! I was so excited to finally order my first chocolate milkshake in years with my meal. My husband and I shared, which was a mistake. He liked it way more than he thought he would so he ended up ordering a second milkshake in a different flavor, cookies and cream. He was more fond of the cookies and cream, and I preferred the chocolate. 

This was made with Tofutti brand ice cream. Which is important to note because this is a soy based dairy free alternative. I limit my soy intake so I was glad to be made aware what this was made with. Disney is bringing more plant based milk options into drinks so hopefully they will get more options that are not soy based. 

#4 Erin McKenna’s Bakery

Erin McKenna’s located in Disney Springs is a must for anyone with an allergy because the entire menu is gluten, dairy, egg, and soy free. There are so many options too! My favorite flavor is always mint chocolate. Her thin mint did not disappoint! I also loved the chocolate chip cookie- half dipped in dark chocolate. It was the BEST! My husband was a big fan of the bakery sink. He bought it for us to share and we shared it over the course of a couple days! It is a cup full of crumbled baked goods so you get to try a variety. Brownie, donut, cookie, so many different textures and flavors! It is the perfect treat to share and sample items.

The Bakery Sink


Chocolate Chip Cookie half dipped in dark chocolate


Thin Mints


#5 Cobb Salad at the Hollywood Brown Derby

Did you know in 1937 at the original Hollywood Brown Derby restaurant in California the Cobb salad was invented? I know it doesn’t sound like a show stopper to order a salad at a fine dining restaurant but I assure you, your tastebuds will be tantalized! This is hands down the best salad my husband and I have ever had and we recreate it at home! 

The salad does not come dairy free but can be ordered dairy free upon request. It comes with: Finely chopped greens, Turkey breast, Bacon, Egg, Tomatoes, Avocado, & Chives. OMIT: Cobb Dressing, & Crumbled Blue Cheese to make it dairy free. You can also add shrimp or chicken for an additional fee.


Have you tried any of my Top Five Dairy Free selections in Disney World? What is your favorite?

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