Plus Sized Disney Fashion

Disney Style for Plus and Midsized Fans

Disney Style for Plus and Midsized Fans

Disney fashionistas to share their tips on staying stylish in the parks
Plus Sized Disney Fashion

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Embracing the magic at Disney parks usually involves wearing mouse ears, whimsical prints, and adorable sneakers. Although some fans have no problem finding park day couture, some feel left out, and struggle to find Disney style for plus and midsized bodies. 

It’s no secret that clothes aren’t known for catering to curvy bodies. This is made worse by the so called ‘inclusive brands’ that try to cloak more rounded shapes in unflattering, boxy, and bizarre designs that leave them feeling uncomfortable.  

Plus sized and midsized Disney fashion doesn’t have to be an impossible feat. It can be fun! To get the inside scoop, we asked Disney fashionistas to share their tips on staying stylish in the parks.  

What Are Your Go-To Brands? 

It’s easy to look out into the plus/midsized fashion space and immediately think of companies like Torrid. Yet, many brands embrace their Disney side and offer inclusive sizes, shapes, and styles. Several of such brands were mentioned in our influencer interviews, and might be worth checking out! 

Here’s what they had to say! 


Style blogger Ally (Instagram: @thegirllovesmagic@styleplusdisney) can list brands to keep an eye on with ease: “Oh boy! There are many, but it also depends on what kind of Disney fashion you’re going for,” she explained. “If you don’t mind it in a literal sense (think graphic tees, clothing with characters on them, etc.), then places like Uniqlo, Torrid, Hot Topic, Cakeworthy [and] Box Lunch are incredible places to start.”  

“A lot of those places carry extended sizes as well and are great for the parks. I especially love Uniqlo’s Disney Collections because they work with different artists, and you’ll always find something unique (for lack of a better word) there. Pair them with cute shorts or jeans (depends on the coast truly) and some ears, and you’ve got a cute park day outfit right there.” 

Ally went on to explain that for Disney bounders (or folks looking to stick to a color scheme or palette), there are a variety of options there as well. She recommends Universal Standard, ModCloth, Unique Vintage, and Amazon Fashion for essentials and basics.  

Creator Erynn Leighton-Herrmann  

(Instagram: @thegirlwiththedolewhiptattoo) points to the versatility of park outfits that can be made Disneyfied by simply adding a pair of mouse ears. She’s a proponent of “wearing whatever you want” on park days and loves brands like Stitch Shoppe by Loungefly or Janne Fashion, her go-to for cute skirts.  


(Instagram: @grimgrinningteresa) also recommends Stitch Shoppe along with Unique Vintage, her go-to for “dressier stuff.” “A lot of my wardrobe is from Unique Vintage,” she explained. She also suggested Hot Topic, a sister store to Torrid, as they share plus sizing.  

Kiera Jade  

(Instagram: @diskeymagic) lives for a beautiful DIY moment. They suggest thrifting in addition to adding in brands like Amazon and Forever 21, but they’ll always recommend DIYing your wardrobe. They said they design “at least one thing” on all their looks, and we’re impressed! 

Mattie Balliet 

(Instagram: @mouse_ears_mattie), Mattie says she’s usually a jeans and t-shirt gal. That said, she’s also a massive fan of Torrid and Loungefly, which, as others have mentioned, has worked hard on their size inclusivity. However, she does scour the web and social media for smaller shops to support.  

Shop Small for Disney fashion 

It’s no surprise that fashion-forward Disney folks want to support small businesses in addition to the more prominent name brands. Whether it’s to score unique finds, keep someone’s business dreams alive, or just because a particular style speaks to them, there are endless reasons to shop small.  

Balliet’s go-to shops are the FMLY Shop and ​​Pixie Lee and Co, and she scours Instagram and Etsy for recommendations. “The creativity out there is amazing to me,” she said.  

Ally said there were so many small shops she could name, but she narrowed down her list to a handful to recommend. Shops she recommended are great, especially for accessories that can “jazz up” a subtler outfit. Ally suggests Designed in Neverland, the Mousequerade Shop, and By Ky Studios for your Disney-fit needs.  

When it comes to size inclusivity, there are several small shops Teresa recommends that have a wide variety of sizes. “Gladracket offers their tees in unisex sizes up to 5X, The Lost Bros offers their tees in unisex sizes up to 3X, [and] Foolish Mortal Supply Co offers their tees in unisex sizes up to 4X,” she explained. 

Lily Taliaferro 

(Instagram: @justpixiedustdarling) gets a ton of her fun t-shirts from small shops. She recommends My Oh My Supply Co and Magic Threads Co., “They are super comfy and great quality!”   

Countless creators to watch 

 PTM is grateful to have the inside plus/midsize fashion scoop, and we’ll be keeping an eye out for amazing fashion to share with you in the future. For now, we’re sharing a myriad of plus/midsized creators for you to check out! 















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Together we can all be stylin’, smilin’, and inspirin’ from the Disney parks and beyond 

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