Your 2020 Disney World Ride Strategy Guide

Your 2020 Disney World Ride Strategy Guide

2020 updates mean you've gotta update your ride strategy. We've got you covered.

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Walt Disney World Ride Strategy for 2020

By now we have all become accustomed to Walt Disney Worlds Fastpass+ System where each guest starts their day with 3 Fastpasses and the ability to make more once those are used. When WDW reopened in July they announced the temporary suspension of the Fastpass+ System. This should completely change your ride strategy. Luckily, we have already thought about that for you!

Note: The Disability Access Pass is still available



Just like pre-pandemic times the shortest wait times are in the mornings. While you may be tempted to sleep in on your vacation, that will cost you precious ride time. For the shortest wait times, be at the parks for rope drop. 


One of our favorite tips is to eat at non-peak times. In other words, don’t eat lunch at noon. Not only will this reduce your wait for food, it will also help you hit a few more rides as waits tend to drop as everyone takes their lunch break. 


Wait times for rides start to drop off after 4 p.m. as other guests head home for a nap or back to their resorts to visit the pool. Save those rides that always have long waits (I’m looking at you Peter Pan) for the end of the day. Did you know that as long as you are in line at park close you will get on the ride? Save a big-ticket ride like Seven Dwarfs Mine Train for 5 minutes before the parks close and you will be able to get on even if the park has technically closed.

Pro-tip: Unlike before, now you should wait to ride Flight of Passage until the evening. 


Hollywood Studios is the exception to all of this. Currently boarding groups for Rise of the Resistance open at 10 am. and 2 p.m. with your best chances of getting a group being at 10. This means the park is the busiest at opening, but you need to be there if you want to ride ROTR. If you can skip ROTR then you should wait to go to Hollywood Studios until after lunch. 

Long Waits

Below we list the rides in each park that recently have had the longest wait times. Make it your top priority to plan when you will go on these rides if they are on your “Must Do” list.

  • Magic Kingdom: Splash Mountain, Pirates of the Caribbean

  • EPCOT: Frozen Ever After, Test Track

  • Animal Kingdom: Flight of Passage, Na’vi River Journey

  • Hollywood Studios: Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

Some of these rides you’re probably used to seeing long wait times while others, not so much. Covid-19 Cleaning Policies have impacted different ride systems in different ways. Right now, rides undergo cleaning every 2 hours. Slower moving and longer attractions are more impacted by this than other rides. We highly recommend riding boat rides before the first cleaning cycle, which will be 2 hours after the park opens. If you are in line for a ride and hear this cleaning announcement, we recommend that unless you are in the load zone, you leave and come back later. Pro-tip: Ride It’s a Small World before 10:30 a.m.

What’s your favorite ride strategy? Share with us in the comments below!

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