Disneybounding: WDW’s 50th Anniversary Style

Disneybounding: WDW’s 50th Anniversary Style

We handpicked your next fabulous Disneybound!

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We’re starting to get details on the celebration planned for Walt Disney World’s 50th Anniversary and we are so excited! One of the first things to be revealed was the special anniversary outfits that Mickey and Minnie will be donning during the 18-month celebration! 


The outfits fit into the iridescent theme that the resort has adopted, with an ‘EARidescent’ ombre effect that goes from lavender into teal. Mickey and Minnie both accentuate their attire with gold accents, which is so fitting for the anniversary as gold is the traditional theme of a 50th anniversary. 

The celebration kicks off on the actual 50th anniversary of the Magic Kingdom’s opening, October 1st, 2021. Now that details on the celebration are starting to be shared, it is time for us to start planning our attire for the big event. We’ve curated our own set of celebration outfits, inspired by Mickey & Minnie’s! 

Mickey & Minnie’s outfits are somewhat formal, as they should be for such a momentous occasion. In order to achieve a similar look, we found this stunning floor-length purple convertible wrap dress


Convertible Wrap Dress

Amazon, $19

For a slightly less formal look, try this amazing cocktail-length sequin mini dress. This dress has beautiful iridescent diamond details throughout, making it a perfect way to rock the style without looking like you’re doing a cosplay. 


Sequin Cami Mini Dress

Forever 21, $21

If you’re looking to wear something slightly more casual than a formal cocktail dress or looking for the perfect dress to wear while in the parks during the 50th, we recommend this cute sundress. This dress can be dressed up with a pair of cute gold sandals from, or down and be used as a swimsuit coverup   


Aurorax Beach Dress

Walmart, $25

Activewear is extremely popular now, with more people than ever working from home. Comfort is key and luckily we found some great pieces that rock the ombre celebration look while staying completely comfortable! This tank top goes from purple to teal, perfectly mimicking the colors in Mickey and Minnie’s outfits. Pair with these purple leggings to complete the look.  


Ideology Ombre Tank Top

Amazon, $10


Iconoflash Ombre Leggings

Amazon, $20

Although October tends to stay on the warmer side in Orlando, the celebration will go through April 2022 so there may be a time where you’ll want to cozy up a bit. This amazing iridescent bomber jacket would make the perfect accessory to any outfit while giving a nod to the celebration’s theme. 


Allegra K Bomber Jacket

Amazon, $33

If you’re wanting to be a little more obvious, this brightly colored cropped hoodie would make a great statement piece.  


Ombre Raw-Cut Hoodie

Forever 21, $12

While wearing a purple ombre or iridescent look makes a great outfit, to really capture the Disneybound spirit, you cannot forget the accessories! Store everything you’ll need for a day in the parks with this gold Loungefly Minnie backpack. And of course, you cannot forget your ears! We think these champagne gold Minnie Ears will perfectly complement any look you choose to wear for the 50th Anniversary celebration. 


Loungefly Gold Minnie Mouse Backpack

Amazon, $95


Minnie Mouse Champagne Ear Headband

ShopDisney, $30

Happy shopping and send us your outfits- we cannot wait to see all the 50th Anniversary Disneybounds!

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