Disneyland Disney Genie Basics for 2022


Heading to Disneyland soon and still have no idea what the new FastPass system is all about? We’ve got you. Here are your Disneyland Disney Genie basics for 2022.

The Disney FastPass system is no more. It has been reimagined and is now called Disney Genie. We covered it all in our full guide, but in short, here are some quick tips.

  1. Disney Genie+ is like MaxPass 2.0. It costs $20 per person, per day, and everything is found within the Disneyland mobile app.
  2. Just like the old system, you and everyone in your party must be inside the theme park before you can book any Lightning Lanes (the new version of FastPasses) for the day.
  3. After booking your first Lighting Lane, there are two ways to book another one: use your Lightning Lane as soon as your window opens, or wait 2 hours and book another Lightning Lane pass.
  4. There are three attractions that you can purchase for an additional $10-20 fee: Rise of the Resistance, WEB-SLINGERS, and Radiator Springs Racers. These do not count against the “one Lighting Lane at a time” rule, but remember that you can only purchase two of these premium Lighting Lane passes per day.

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