A New Disneyland Reservation Only Shopping Experience Lands

A New Disneyland Reservation Only Shopping Experience Lands

A new way to shop in Downtown Disney is here, and we have all the details! Find out everything you need to know about the new reservation only Downtown Disney shopping experience.

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Learn how to use the Disneyland Resort Shopping Reservation system

A fresh way to shop at Downtown Disney District was unveiled today on Disneyland’s official Twitter account. The new experience is called the Disneyland Resort Shopping Reservation system. It offers guests a chance to join in “a wonderful opportunity to purchase some favorite Disneyland Resort Featured Products!”

Guests must book a reservation online at the Disney website for their desired shopping timeslot. A reservation guarantees your shopping time at the former ESPN Zone in the Downtown Disney – which will be overhauled into a new limited-access storefront. Scant details are available on exactly what will be available to buy at the store in a crop of “new and exciting Disneyland Resort merchandise.” The lack of details around the product offerings has us scratching our heads.

So far, the only promised merch offered during the initial reservations times are 13 unique Disneyland 65th anniversary pins. The site teased at the promise of more to come, noting “additional merchandise outside the Featured Products may be available.” Why you holding out on us Disney?!

The initial crop of reservations were snatched up within just 3 hours of their release. However, more timeslots were promised to come. Merchandise offerings will change as new days and availability opens up, so keep a close eye on the Disney twitter account in the coming weeks if you’re hoping for a reservation! We recommend turning tweet notifications on.


Are you excited to drop into the new Downtown Disney shopping experience? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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