Fab New Disney Book Releases: April 2021

Fab New Disney Book Releases: April 2021

Let’s fill up that April reading list for you

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We’ve got another great round up for all you Perfecting the Magic readers and this time it’s all about Disney books. From new entries into the Star Wars universe to tie-in novels to the new Cruella film, Disney Books hasn’t slowed down in their book publishing at all. So we’ve gone ahead and pulled together some of the most stand out titles that have come out (or will be hitting shelves in the near future!).

And don’t worry, no major spoilers here!

Hello, Cruel Heart

by Maureen Johnson

What New Disney Books Are Out? Check out Hello, Cruel Heart

Released on April 6th, this novel is inspired by the new film Cruella. Set in the summer of 1967, the story follows 16 year old Estella. It takes on the task of laying out how Estella came to be in London and how she got into the world of fashion. For those wondering where Cruella De Vil came from, Hello, Cruel Heart seems to be the book to read!


Check out a 33 page excerpt here from Disney Books.

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Light of the Jedi

by Charles Soule

Fab New Disney Book Finds - Star Wars The High Republic: Light of the Jedi

Light of the Jedi is the first entry in the newest publishing campaign The High Republic from publisher Del Rey and focuses on a time period 200 years before The Phantom Menace. Centered around a golden age within the Star Wars universe, this novel follows new characters in the Jedi Order as they respond to a large catastrophe involving hyperspace and a destroyed ship. For fans that are looking for new stories and characters to follow, Light of the Jedi is the first step to a new era of Star Wars.

Find it: Disney Books

Go The Distance

by Jen Calonita

One of our favorite new Disney book releases: Go the Distance: A Twisted Tale

This YA novel follows Meg, from Hercules, in an alternate story. In a twist from the OG movie, Hercules moved onto someone else while Meg was trapped in the Underworld. Author Jen Calonita takes Meg on a new adventure as Meg is given the chance to become a Greek god and find a place on Mt. Olympus. Definitely catches our interest because we love to imagine the different ways Disney movies could have gone with just a few changes!

Find it: Disney Books

Into the Dark

by Claudia Gray

Screenshot_2021-04-12 Into The Dark.png

Another book from the High Republic campaign, Into the Dark is a YA novel that follows padawan Reath Silas as he leaves the bustling planet of Coruscant behind. Heading out into “the undeveloped frontier”, Reath is caught up in the aftermath of a disaster when he’d much rather be studying in the comfort of the Jedi archives. 

In an interview with Syfy, author Claudia Gray had this to say on the process of writing the novel: “For me, the fun of writing Star Wars, or really even just watching Star Wars is asking, “What would it be like to be there?” And I thought it would be interesting to experience that great disaster from the point of view of some people who aren’t right in the thick of it…”

Find It: Disney Books

The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book

by Cole Bowden, Loren Bouchard, and the Writers of Bob’s Burger’s

Screenshot_2021-04-12 The Bob’s Burgers Burger Book.png

Any Bob’s Burgers fans out there? Running since 2011, the popular animated show has become a well-known title and it makes complete sense that there’s finally a recipe book based off of the fictional burgers in the show. Featuring 75 original recipes, the book features illustrations in the series animation style and includes the entire Belcher family. Fun fact: the book became a New York Time’s bestseller!


Not sure if you’ll dig the recipes? No worries. There’s a free recipe available online here!

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Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures #1

by Daniel José Older

Screenshot_2021-04-12 Star Wars The High Republic Adventures #1.png

And last but not least, this first entry in the High Republic comic series takes us back in time to 200 years before Luke, Leia, and Han played a role in the fate of the galaxy. The comic follows a group of Padawans that are training under Yoda when a new adversary shows up on scene: the Nihil. Out now, this comic is all about Padawans, the marauding Nihil, and a new side of the Star Wars universe.

Find it: Disney Books

Which book has caught your eye? Let us know!

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