Falling in Love at Disneyland  

Falling in Love at Disneyland  

Three Disneyland love stories that melt our hearts.

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Do you know how they say that once you notice something, you’ll find examples of it everywhere? That’s how we feel about Disneyland love stories. Once you start paying attention, love blooms everywhere you look in Disney parks. From engagements, to weddings, magical moments are happening all the time. But, there’s one sort of unexpected magic that we can’t get enough of: couples who fall in love at Disneyland.  

Like living fairy tales, some special couples fall head over heels on Disney property and never look back. To celebrate them, and perhaps inspire you in the process, Perfecting the Magic is sharing three Disneyland love stories that melt our hearts. Prepare to swoon! 

Disneyland Brought Sierra and Stephen Together 


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Content creators Sierra and Stephen met at Disneyland. They’ve detailed their story on YouTube and TikTok, and we think it’s beyond adorable and worthy of sharing with PTM readers! 

In 2013, Sierra and Stephen had never met. They had mutual friends, but they were strangers. Sierra was dating someone when she headed to Disneyland and their friend groups ran into one another and decided to ride Space Mountain together. If interest was there, they kept it to themselves until several months later, when Stephen messaged Sierra on Instagram after learning she was newly single.  

Stephen says he felt it was “now or never” and confessed that he never forgot that day at Disney and thought Sierra was super cute. They chatted for over six hours and Sierra couldn’t stop thinking about him. They decided to go on a ‘pre-date’ to calm their nerves and went to see Saving Mr. Banks. Sparks flew! 

They were smitten and went out again the following night. They began dating, and Disneyland remained a large part of their love story. One night, when they were at California Adventure, Sierra told Stephen she would like to be official, and he asked her to be his girlfriend shortly after. They continued dating through college, despite going to different schools, and while they were on their own paths, it became clear that they loved being together and had fallen head over heels for each other. Their Disneyland dates continued, and a decade later, Sierra and Stephen are married and have a beautiful little girl.  

Disneyland continues to be a big part of their lives. The next time you walk past Space Mountain, we hope you think of all the possibilities that can happen when you take a chance on love.  

Nashya and Nikko Fell in Love at The Teacups 

Nashya and Nikko may not be Disney content creators, but Disneyland is at the center of their love story. They met in 2008 when Nashya had flown down from Washington State for spring break with her best friend. They were in line for The Teacups (Mad Tea Party), and Nikko (a California native) was behind them. He introduced himself and now says that it was love at first sight for him.  

Nashya was dating someone at the time and won’t admit the same. However, they exchanged numbers, and Nashya flew back home to Seattle. They stayed in touch for several years before Nashya visited again in 2011, and they agreed to meet at Disneyland, where Nikko had asked to take Nashya on a second- first date.  

Nikko asked Nashya to be his girlfriend as the fireworks filled the night sky, and she agreed. They continued dating long-distance for a few years, and Disneyland remained a constant. Nikko moved to Seattle in 2014 to be close to Nashya, and they married in 2019. They now have two beautiful children and look forward to Disneyland being a part of their children’s lives. When they took their eldest child to Disneyland this past summer, they got to experience Disney through fresh eyes and the best part? Their son’s favorite ride was The Teacups. Disneyland is part of their DNA now.  

When asked what Disneyland meant to them and their growing family, they said, “Disney means so much to us. We correlate Disney with family now. Every time we’re at the park, we relive all the times our parents would bring us when we were kids, and it’s amazing for us to experience Disney with our children.”  

Sometimes love stories stretch through generations, and this is undoubtedly an example of that! 

David and Liz Found Destiny at the Haunted Mansion  

Have you seen the FreshBaked! channel over on YouTube? Disney creators Liz and David just celebrated four years of marriage and recently shared their wedding anniversary on their channel.  

It started in an unusual way, at the exit of The Haunted Mansion. Liz had been a fan of David’s content and was excited to meet him. The feeling was mutual and they spent the day at Disney together. 

They decided to go out on their first date at Downtown Disney, and Disneyland continued to be a significant part of their love story. David says he now can’t ride Haunted Mansion without thinking of the first time he saw Liz, which is the sweetest thing we’ve ever heard about a haunted house! 

When David noted how emotional he would become during the fireworks, he says Liz reassured him that “a real man cries” and David says that it was at that moment that he knew he was falling in love. They felt they understood one another and could unabashedly love Disney without judgement.  

They married a few years later and share a gorgeous daughter together. They continue to make Disney memories and will never forget the day at Disneyland that felt like “destiny” and brought them together!  

Do You Have a Disney Love Story? 

Did you meet at Disneyland? How about Walt Disney World? We’d love to hear your stories. Tag us on Instagram so we can learn all about how you fell in love. We can’t wait to read your stories! For more Disney content, follow PTM on socials, where we’re keeping you up-to-date and in the know. 

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