Galaxy’s Edge Turns 1: What’s Changed Since “Star Wars Land” Opened

Galaxy’s Edge Turns 1: What’s Changed Since “Star Wars Land” Opened

Galaxy’s Edge just turned one! We dig into everything that’s changed in the land in the last year.

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Today marks the 1 year anniversary of Galaxy’s Edge opening day in Disneyland. The moment of walking into Batuu for the first time was unlike anything we’d ever experienced before in a theme park. But what’s changed since the gateway to the outer rim opened? Let’s take a look at how Galaxy’s Edge has evolved in the last year.

Rise Rises

The single biggest change to the land has been the addition of Rise of the Resistance. Widely heralded by many fans as the most impressive ride ever developed by Disney, Rise debuted in December to rave reviews and overwhelming demand. The ride fleshed out the land with a much needed second attraction. While a boarding pass to the ride has been hard to come by, the experience is worth the early wake up time! The opening of the rebel base marked several subtle updates to the land including updates to the Parks Play app, sneaky sign changes and new interactions with Batuu “residents.”



A plethora of new eats has descended on Batuu in the last year. In addition to a host of vegan options including the Ronto-less Garden Wrap added to Ronto Roasters, new drinks were added to the Milk Stand and Docking Bay 7. The Black Spire Hot Chocolate is as delicious as it is Instagrammable.

We were super excited to see breakfast make its way into the land. You can now exclaim, “Bright Suns!” while noshing on a Ronto Morning Wrap or a Mustafarian Cinnamon Roll. A favorite new afternoon snack option? The Garma Garlic Cheese Puff available at Jat Kuu’s Cooler. The expanded menu has us hungry for even more off-world grub! Read about our favorite meal in Batuu here.

Reservations Take Over


When Batuu first opened its gates the land had lines (and LOTS of them.) Luckily Disney upgraded the experience with the addition of a reservation system for its most popular experiences. Reservations are now available in advance for Oga’s Cantina and Savi’s Workshop so that you can drink and lightsaber wield without standing in line for hours. Luckily popping into the Cantina when crowds are low is still possible on the lucky off day! We know not every Disneyland goer has loved the reservation change over but we’re big fans!

Even More Oga’s To Love


Oga’s Cantina menu has expanded to add even more to our favorite Star Wars bar. New options like ordering the Yub Nub cocktail without the souvenir cup, a freshly deployed charcuterie board, and even more breakfast bites have made their way to the Cantina. Munching away on the Bantha Cookie (now available for individual purchase) is pretty much all we wanted since Galaxy’s Edge opened! Though we can’t wait until the two-drink minimum is lifted at the bar, for now, we’re happy to sip away the afternoon with a Fuzzy Tauntaun and DJ Rex’s killer soundtrack.

We’re excited to see what changes the next 12 months will bring to Galaxy’s Edge. What updates to the land have you loved? Let us know in the comments below!

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