Here’s When the Disneyland Trams are (Finally) Coming Back!


Remember when Disney announced that the trams would be returning to Disneyland Resort in early 2022? Well, Discrew, we finally have an update.

Guests at the happiest place on Earth have had to endure what feels like the longest walk on Earth ever since Disneyland Resort reopened in April 2021. For almost a year, we’ve been visiting Disneyland and parking at the Mickey & Friends and Pixar Pals parking structures without being able to use the Disneyland tram service. But now, that’s all going to change!

Disney announced on Thursday that the Disneyland trams are officially returning on February 23 — less than two weeks from now!

Soon, guests will be able to take the trams to and from the parking structure and the theme park gates, eliminating that dreaded end-of-the-day walk. Disneyland fans, rejoice!

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