Hogwarts House Face Masks Arrive, and They’re Fab

Hogwarts House Face Masks Arrive, and They’re Fab

Harry Potter face masks have arrived, and its time to rock your Hogwarts house colors!

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The Sorting Hat has spoken, and your house colors must be represented! Just dropped this week are new Hogwarts House face masks from Universal. We’re not going to lie, the chance to wear even more Hufflepuff gear has us running to the store.

Each mask features the house mascot and crest (Ravenclaw’s raven, Gryffindor’s lion, Hufflepuff’s badger, and Slytherin’s snake) and goes for $8 a piece or $20 for a set of 3.

Find them for sale at Universal CityWalk in Hollywood or inside the park at Universal Orlando. As a nice feel-good bonus, 10% of the proceeds are being donated directly to charity. If the theme park or CityWalk is out of reach, we found the masks available online at retailer Hedgehog’s Corner (at a higher price.)

When it comes to sizing, we suggest a medium, as the large was quite oversized on most women we ran into. These are definitely sized quite differently than the Disney masks! 

When it comes to what to pair with your mask – we say lean into your color inspiration. Monochromatic color palettes always impress! Ravenclaw electric blue all over? Serious yes moment! We recommend taking your house sorting hat quiz over at Pottermore to help guide your decision!

Fashion masks are quickly becoming a new accessory worth leaning into – they keep you safe, and they genuinely “complete” an outfit! We’re already dreaming about our next head-to-toe color-coordinated Wizarding World of Harry Potter park outfit featuring one of these masks!

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