How Much Availability Is There for Disney World Park Reservations?

How Much Availability Is There for Disney World Park Reservations?

The Walt Disney World park reservation system is critical to monitor if you’re planning on a visit. Let’s check on the current state of availability.

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Since the launch of the park entrance system in June, reservations have become a new reality for Disney fans to deal with. Disney World reservation availability can mean the difference between a day spent at the park or a canceled set of vacation plans. Staying on top of current availability will be critical in the coming months. With that in mind, let’s take a look at what’s what in Walt Disney World park reservations.

Ticket holders

The first category for reservations is ticket holders. This availability applies to anyone who holds a valid one day or multi day park ticket (note: if you have a park hopper ticket your available options are: extend your ticket’s deadline, downgrade your ticket to a single park ticket or get a full refund.)

As of July 19th, ticket holders’ reservation availability is looking excellent with all parks free for booking starting on July 26th. 

Resort Guests

Resort guests currently have access to the broadest pool of available reservations. It’s clear that Disney is prioritizing getting these folks into the parks in 2020! Hotel guests have access to park reservations for every day of their stay (aka 7 nights in a resort = 7 park reservations.) As of today, the only park blocked for access is Hollywood Studios on the 24th and 25th of July.

Annual Passholders

Annual passholders are experiencing the roughest ride on the new park reservation system. Allowed to hold three reservations at a time while their A.P. is valid, much of the availability for summer months has already closed off. The strategic game of deciding just how far in advance to book reservations is tricky to navigate. As of today, most passholders are opting to snatch up near term park dates versus securing future visits. 

Hollywood Studios is proving to be the most challenging park to gain access to, with Rise of Resistance driving much of the booking interest. Weekends for this popular park are currently booked through October. Luckily access to Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, and Animal Kingdom is easier to come by with weekends freeing up in mid-August.  

Looking to stay up to date with the changes happening day by day? The official Walt Disney World reservation calendar will be crucial to check before planning your next trip. We’ll continue to monitor the reservation system in the coming months and update you with significant availability shifts.    

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