How to Add a Face Mask to Your Disney Style

How to Add a Face Mask to Your Disney Style

Struggling with how to incorporate a face mask into your Disney style? We’ve got some simple tips!

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How to Add a Face Mask To Your Disney Style - Tips for Styling a Cute Disney Outfit!

Heading to the Disney Parks this fall? If so, you will be required to wear something totally new to your Disney wardrobe- a mask. Yes, current park guidelines require that all guests over the age of 2 wear a facemask unless stationary and eating or in a designated Mask Relaxation Station. Here are our tips on how to add a face mask to your Disney style!

A Perfect Ear HeadBand Pairing

This is a super fun and easy way to add a mask to your Disney wardrobe. Based on your current acces collection, there are a ton of options here. The simplest way to pull this off is to match the color of your ears to the color of the mask. Wearing classic Minnie ears? We suggest a black or red mask! 


If you want to take this look to the next level, think thematic! Try creating matching character combinations. If you’re rocking your favorite pair of Maleficent ears, why not pair them with an Aurora themed mask

Pro-tip: Add a button to each side of your ear headbands for built-in DIY ear savers.

Theme it to The Park

Park themed patterns are one of our favorite ways to incorporate the parks into your outfit, and wearing a mask makes it that much easier! This is a fun but subtle way to include a nod to the parks that your fellow Disney parks fans will adore. 

This Haunted Mansion themed mask would be the perfect addition to your trip to the Magic Kingdom and your visit with the 99 happy haunts. Nothing quite says EPCOT like Spaceship Earth. While the ride may be headed for a refurbishment, you can be there in spirit by wearing this Spaceship Earth mask

Under your mask, you will be screaming on the Tower of Terror at Hollywood Studios. This glow-in-the-dark Twilight Zone mask will give your fellow riders some additional chills when the lights go down. Walt always dreamed of a park where guests could interact with live animals, so give them a shout-out on your next visit to Animal Kingdom with this animal print mask. Any of these masks will make for a unique addition to your next trip to the parks.


Make It a Costume

Make the most of your mask for the Halloween season!  Disney recently announced that costumes will be allowed during normal operation hours for the first time ever through October 31st. Now is the perfect opportunity to make your mask work double duty. Not ready to commit to a full costume while walking around a theme park in the Florida heat? Make your mask the costume!

There are many character masks out there that can help quickly transform into your favorite Disney character. If you’re looking to keep it simple, dress in your character’s signature color and add a character face mask. For example, if you want to be our favorite extra-terrestrial, wear all blue paired with this Stitch mask.

Whatever you choose, there are so many fun ways to include a themed mask into your fall parks outfits. Let us know how you plan to incorporate your mask into your Disney wardrobe in the comments below!

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