How to Disneybound as Iron Man

How to Disneybound as Iron Man

Our next bounding challenge is here! Your how-to DisneyBound Iron Man ultimate guide has arrived with all the tips and tricks for a super chic look.

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Fashion, darling! We’re dishing the details on how to DisneyBound as Iron Man with an outfit that will have you feeling as rich as Tony Stark. If you’re wondering exactly what DisneyBounding is, imagine your favorite Disney character dressed in a real-life clothing look, it’s that simple! The concept was created by Leslie Kay in the early 2000s on Tumblr.

Today we’re sharing our Iron Man shopping list and giving you a few pointers on how to DisneyBound as the Avengers’ leading man.

Start With The Inspiration

As with any bound – start by pulling together your inspiration! What do you want to highlight about Iron Man? Color palettes are one of the best places to anchor from. For our Iron Man bound we settled on red with a slight pop of gold, and also drew inspiration from the geometric armor shapes.

How to Disneybound Iron Man.png

Dress the Part

Tony Stark lives a fast cars, designer jackets, dinner at midnight, life of luxury – our bound pulls those expensive vibes over to his Iron Man side. A red gown captures the head-to-toe armor effect in one effortless piece. We picked an evening gown with multi-layer pleated details across the bodice to mimic the suit’s retractable armor. Not big on floor-length dresses? A similar effect can be achieved with an upscale jumpsuit – we love Black Halo for both!

how to disneybound iron man

Black Halo La Reina Gown

RTR, $518


Black Halo

Lena Tuxedo Strapless Jumpsuit

Neiman Marcus, $97


Lovers and Friends Cece Gown

Revolve, $105

Fire Up Your Arc Reactor

One of the most iconic parts of Iron Man’s suit is the arc reactor core shining bright. Since we’re not keen on hardwiring our chests anytime soon, we opted for a crystal blue and silver brooch. Shape and color are what’s most important when selecting this piece. The brooch keeps the whole outfit looking expensive and night-out ready. If you’re hankering for something more literal, swap the pin for an arc reactor necklace.


Blue Rhinestone Circle Brooch

24 Wishes, $70


Blue Crystal & Pearl Modernist Starburst Circle Brooch

Etsy, $7


Arc Reactor Pendant Necklace by CRISLU

ShopDisney, $125

Make It Masked

Masks are here to stay, so rather than begrudgingly slapping one on, make yours FABULOUS. We’re embracing masks as a new style accessory that allows us to incorporate another “pop” piece. Capture the gold helmet aesthetic with a slick face mask (we’re seriously obsessed with the one we purchased from Revolve.) Keeping your friends and loved ones safe is always on-trend!


Cosita Buena Face Mask

Revolve, $20


Champagne Gold Glitter Face Mask

Society 6, $16


Gold Shimmer Face Masks

Amazon, $20

Accessorize It

All the little finishing touches add up to one ready to take flight look. Work in a few more pops of gold with your accessories. We scored some over-sized hair clips from Baublebar (clips are having a real fashion moment), a geometric-inspired gold purse, and a large cuff bracelet. These pieces help balance out the dress’s red and provide just the right touch of tough-girl meets evening wear.


Goodbag Boutique Women Lattice Pattern Metal Handbag

Amazon, $25


Baublebar Molten Hair Clips (Set of 2)

Revolve, $18


Couya Gold Cuff Bracelet

Amazon, $14

The Finished Look

Now you’re ready to rock the parks, the next Stark Industry party, or your couch! How to Disneybound Iron Man, critical mission success. What Disneybound challenge should we tackle next? Let us know in the comments below!

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