Everything You Need To Know: Hamilton on Disney Plus

Everything You Need To Know: Hamilton on Disney Plus

Hamilton launches on Disney+ this Friday! Find out absolutely every detail ahead of the film’s debut!

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Hamilton launches on Disney Plus this Friday, July 3rd ::: runs out of the room screaming :::! We’re so over the top excited about the hit Broadway show’s debut on the streaming service (clearly) that we’ve poured over all the launch day details! Here’s absolutely everything you need to know to be ready for viewing the film, including the release of even more Hamilton content that fans will love.  

How Did We Get So Lucky?

Hamilton was originally intended to debut on the silver screen in 2021 to answer the demands of fans across the globe without access to the New York City stage production. “Our biggest issue has always been accessibility,” Lin-Manuel Miranda recently shared on Good Morning America. The show debuted at the Richard Rodgers Theatre in August of 2016 and has proved to be the hottest ticket on Broadway ever since. Second-party resellers price tickets in excess of $500 for a single seat in the house, meaning that most fans have been left to repeated listens of the soundtrack as their only form of experiencing the show. 


With the closure of Broadway due to COVID-19, a unique opportunity presented itself in the partnership between Miranda and Disney+. Now Hamilton junkies can finally see the magic of the full stage production from the comfort of their own homes!   

So, What Exactly Are We Getting?

Don’t be fooled by the recent musical to movie transformation trends – this release is the actual theatrical stage production, in its original form. Shot in June of 2016 over 3 days, the film features nearly the entire original Broadway cast. Expect a front-row seat to all the in-theater action! Manuel recently shared, “I am really glad we had the luxury basically to shoot an independent film in the first year and now the world can see what it felt like to be in that room in June 2016.” 

The Full Cast Line-Up:

  • Lin-Manuel Miranda: Alexander Hamilton

  • Daveed Diggs: Marquis de Lafayette/Thomas Jefferson

  • Renée Elise Goldsberry: Angelica Schuyler

  • Leslie Odom, Jr.: Aaron Burr

  • Christopher Jackson: George Washington

  • Jonathan Groff: King George III

  • Phillipa Soo: Eliza Hamilton

The cast also includes Carleigh Bettiol, Ariana DeBose, Hope Easterbrook, Sydney James Harcourt, Sasha Hutchings, Thayne Jasperson, Elizabeth Judd, Jon Rua, Austin Smith, Seth Stewart, and Ephraim Sykes.


The film was captured during two performances of the musical in front of a live audience, with additional close-ups and dolly shots filmed during a closed-door session.

Minor alterations were made to achieve a PG-13 rating (2 of the “fucks” have been removed from songs), and small tweaks were made to the beginning and end of the show, according to musical director Alex Lacamoire. “I think musicians will probably notice it the most,” he noted.

The Details!

The film drops at 12:00 AM PST (3:00 AM EST) on Friday, July 3rd. Plan to either stay up for a late-night session to kick off the long weekend or make it your Friday night plans! According to Manuel via Twitter, Hamilton will remain streaming on the platform indefinitely, so you’ve got plenty of time to schedule a re-watch or two (or ten). 

Just like seeing the show in person, there will also be an intermission. The film features a one-minute countdown clock so you won’t miss a beat during your snack and bathroom break.

But wait! There’s more?


In addition to the film’s release, a behind-the-scenes documentary tilted Hamilton In-Depth also launches on the 3rd. Hosted by Emmy Award-winning journalist Kelley Carter, the documentary takes us inside a virtual roundtable discussion with nine of the show’s stars, including Manuel and Thomas Kail (director of the film version of Hamilton). Hamilton In-Depth will be available for streaming on Disney+ and also on TheUndefeated.com.   

Are you geared up to watch Hamilton on launch day? We’ve also built your definitive guide to hosting a Hamilton watch party, including food, drink, and decor! Be sure to let us know if you’re screening along with us by dropping a note in the comments below!


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