disneyland hotel fantasy suite bedroom

How to Stay in the Disneyland Hotel Fairy Tale Suite 

How to Stay in the Disneyland Hotel Fairy Tale Suite 

Should you splurge on this luxurious experience?
disneyland hotel fantasy suite bedroom

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Welcome to one of the most luxurious, elegant hotel rooms on Disneyland Resort property: The Fairy Tale Suite at the Disneyland Hotel. Offering spectacular views of the theme parks and an atmosphere that any Disney princess would enjoy, this royal room is what dreams are made of! 

But how much does the Fairy Tale Suite cost, and is it worth the cost? Here, we’re sharing a full tour of the Disneyland Hotel Fairy Tale Suite, sample pricing, and our opinion on when you should splurge on this luxurious experience.  

Staying at the Disneyland Hotel 

We’re all about the pixie dust whenever we visit Disney, so the Disneyland Hotel is the one we often recommend for a west coast trip. The premier hotel at the Disneyland Resort, the Disneyland Hotel, is perhaps the most magical place to stay on Disney property. The immaculate vibes of this hotel harken back to the golden age of Disneyland, with its Monorail-themed pool, topiaries, and Enchanted Tiki Room-inspired bar. The hotel grounds are beautiful, and the rooms are absolutely our favorite on property, but what truly makes the Disneyland Hotel a cut above the rest are the Signature Suites. 

There are five themed Signature Suites in the Disneyland Hotel: the Adventureland Suite, Big Thunder Suite, Pirate Suite, Mickey Mouse Suite, and — our favorite — the Fairy Tale Suite. The Signature Suites are exceptionally themed, each with a completely different vibe. The Signature Suites also provide guests with Club Level perks, including access to the E-Ticket Lounge, the Club Level lounge at the Disneyland Hotel. Want the best-of-the-best Disneyland experience? A stay in a Signature Suite is the way to go. 

The Fairy Tale Suite is the smallest of the Signature Suites — the rest have two bedrooms and can accommodate many more guests — but if you want a room fit for royalty, this is the suite to pick.  

Inside the Disneyland Fairy Tale Signature Suite 

The Fairy Tale Signature Suite at the Disneyland Hotel is a complete fairy tale. Upon entering the Fairy Tale Suite, guests are greeted by the sparkling pixie dust of Tinker Bell as she illuminates a gorgeous decorative castle on display.  


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♬ So This Is Love (From “Cinderella”) Plié 3/4 – Ray Lindsey

It is a one-bedroom suite that sleeps two guests, featuring an elegant bed fit for royalty, a variety of artwork adorning the walls, and an elegant bathroom with a gorgeous castle mosaic above the jacuzzi tub. This hotel room also features a tablet on the bedside table that allows you to control the lighting, curtains, and even the TV.  

Of course, what makes this suite even more spectacular is the view. Staying here, you get to watch the Disneyland fireworks from a suite with floor-to-ceiling windows, or enjoy your morning cup of coffee while overlooking the theme parks as they come alive for the day. Other rooms at the Disneyland Hotel offer spectacular views like this one, but there is something extra magical about a suite that’s just made to feel like you’re living in your own fairy tale. This is main character energy at its finest. 

Disney gave the Fairy Tale Suite a massive makeover a few years ago. The previously white and light blue color scheme was reimagined to include deep purple hues, giving it a more royal feel. You can see the suite before the transformation on Disney Parks Blog and view newer images in a blog post from This Fairy Tale Life. 

How to Book the Disneyland Fairy Tale Suite 

It’s pretty simple to book a stay at the Disneyland Hotel Fairy Tale Suite. You can reserve the room through the Disneyland website, by calling Disney directly, or through your travel advisor. You can sometimes find rooms at the Disneyland Hotel available through third-party suppliers like Expedia, but we don’t often see the Signature Suites as options bookable through these sites.  

Keep in mind that a stay at the Fairy Tale Suite is not complimentary to Disney Fairy Tale Weddings couples. Even if you have a wedding on the Disneyland Resort property, a stay inside the Fairy Tale Suite at the Disneyland Hotel is not included. (Though we wish it were!) 

How Much Does the Disneyland Fairy Tale Suite Cost? 

Channeling your inner princess and want to book this Fairy Tale hotel room? We love to see it. Keep in mind that it’ll cost you big time if you go with this Signature Suite.  

A stay at the Disneyland Hotel in the one-bedroom Fairy Tale Suite can cost you anywhere from several hundred dollars a night during the slower months to around $1,400 a night (or more) if you’re booking during a peak season like December. Typically, we’ve seen it priced at around the $1,000/night, but with hotel stays on Disneyland property feeling like they cost more and more these days — and theme park prices increasing each year steadily — we think it’s probably best to budget more than you expect for this room.  

So, how do you get a good deal? One way is to have flexible travel dates. If you are willing to stay at the Disneyland Hotel during one of the less-busy times of year (including when it’s considered the “off-season” for weddings), chances are your cost per night at the Fairy Tale Suite. We recommend working with a travel advisor who can monitor your prices and share the most cost-efficient options.  

A Magical Alternative to the Fairy Tale Suite 

If you’re on the fence about booking the Fairy Tale Suite, consider just booking it for one night. When you plan your next Disneyland Hotel getaway — whether it’s for a wedding celebration or a simple “treat yourself” trip — splurge on just one night in the Fairy Tale Suite and spend the rest of your vacation in a Standard Room at the Disneyland Hotel. You can still take advantage of the hotel’s incomparable amenities throughout your trip, but you can save a bit of cash by only booking the extravagant suite during the last night of your trip.  

If one night in the Fairy Tale Suite is still out of your price range, there are other ways to elevate your Disneyland vacation. You can book a Standard Room for your entire trip and bring in some magical DIY elements to make the trip feel special. If you’re booking the hotel to celebrate your wedding, you can bring in your own floral bouquets and balloons in your wedding color scheme to decorate the room. You can even opt to have a delicious dinner delivered to the hotel lobby from Downtown Disney, then bring it up to your Disneyland Hotel room. Living out your own Disney fairy tale can look different for everyone and every occasion — it’s all about embracing it!  

Is It Worth It? 

Disneyland Hotel Fantasy Suite

When deciding whether a stay in the Fairy Tale Suite is worth it for you, consider the occasion. Many Disneyland fans have shared that the Fairy Tale Suite, in particular, is worth it when celebrating a wedding. It’s common for brides to book the suite as a place to get ready with their bridal party before their wedding ceremony if they are getting married at Disneyland. In contrast, other groups have booked suites like this one for their bachelorette party. It is also a great suite to splurge on for a romantic getaway, such as your wedding night, honeymoon, or anniversary.  

For us, the value of the experience determines whether we think a Disney stay is worth it. We’ve shared our tips for having a luxurious Walt Disney World vacation or an extravagant Disney honeymoon. If a stay in the Fairy Tale Suite is in your budget and you know you will value the experience, go for it! However, if you’ll be breaking the bank to stay here, or you’re planning on hitting the parks for most of your day, and you’re only going to be in the room when you sleep, it’s probably not the move. 

It may not be practical to book a stay in one of the Disneyland Hotel Signature Suites on every Disney vacation, but staying in these rooms is on our bucket list. 

Elevate Your Disney Experience 

Disneyland Hotel Fantasy Suite Bathroom

Looking to add more magical experiences to your Disney vacation? That’s what we’re here for. We share magical vacation inspiration, tips, and tricks for Disneyland and Walt Disney World’s offerings, including our takes on what’s worth the splurge. Follow us on TikTok and subscribe to our newsletter for more! 

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