Changes to Rise of the Resistance Queue: Details & How to Use it

Changes to Rise of the Resistance Queue: Details & How to Use it

The new virtual queue is live at Hollywood Studios.

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Since Rise of the Resistance first opened in Hollywood Studios last year, the ride’s virtual queue has seen a few adjustments. The most recent update, announced on Disney Parks Blog, goes into effect on November 3, 2020. A new approach to the virtual queue system is expected to make queueing a bit simpler for guests.

Starting on November 3, the reservation system will see two massive changes. 

Firstly, guests “with a valid ticket or annual pass and a Disney Park Pass reservation for Disney’s Hollywood Studios will be able to access the virtual queue system and check for an available boarding group starting at 7 a.m. on the day of their park reservation.” 

ROTR Virtual Queue.jpg

Guests can access the virtual queue for Rise of The Resistance from their hotel or other nearby accommodations. Previously, you would need to already be inside the park on the morning that you wanted to request a boarding group for the ride.

Secondly, the virtual queue will reopen daily at 2 p.m. for guests who were unable to join a boarding party in the morning of that day. For this second daily queue, guests do need to be inside of Hollywood Studios to access it. Access to boarding groups is subject to availability as well and not guaranteed. Also keep in mind that your entire party needs to be inside of Hollywood Studios for you to be able to add them to the virtual queue for the 2 p.m. slot.

Step-by-Step Guide: How To use Rise of The Resistance’s Virtual Queue

Never used the Rise of Resistance queue system before? No worries! We’re going to walk you through the reservation process.

Before you’ll be able to access the virtual queue, make sure that you have the My Disney Experience downloaded to your phone. 


  1. At 7 a.m. on the day of your Hollywood Studios Park Reservation, open the My Disney Experience app and go to the “Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance – Request Access to Virtual Queue”. 

  2. Tap on Join and from there you will see the boarding status of the ride. You will also be able to see if there are boarding groups available here.

Screenshot_20201103-145644_Disney World.jpg

3. If there are still boarding groups available, tap on “Join Boarding Group”.


4. From there, you’ll want to pick the names from your party (i.e. anyone else going to the park with you) who you want to include in your boarding group. Tap “Join” after you’ve selected. (Pro Tip: Ensure your entire party is registered with a My Disney Experience profile well before 7 a.m. – this can even be done days before!)

Screenshot_20201005-112156_Disney World.jpg

5. You will be given a boarding group number and an estimated return time. When your boarding group number is called, you’ll then head to the entrance of the ride. Note: You’ll have a lengthy window to return to the ride, so you won’t need to worry about being in line for other experiences.  

You might also want to turn on push notifications for the My Disney Experience app, so you immediately know when your boarding group is called!

And keep in mind, if you’re not able to get into a boarding party at 7 a.m. on the day of your visit, you have a second chance at 2 p.m. when you’re inside the park! Once the 2 p.m. window has closed, the capacity for Rise of The Resistance has filled for that day. Typically we’ve had better luck securing groups for the earlier morning boarding system, so we recommend trying for the 7 a.m. queue if you can!

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