New Ticketed Event Coming to Disney California Adventure

New Ticketed Event Coming to Disney California Adventure

Disneyland takes a page out of Knott’s playbook with a new ticketed event

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According to the Orange County Register, a new ticketed food event will launch at Disney California Adventure in mid-March 2021. Not much in the way of details have been announced just yet, but the ticketed event is expected to take place several days a week. Some entertainment will be available, but visitors shouldn’t expect attractions to be open or for parades to be running.

Ticket prices and the name of the event haven’t been released yet, and there’s no information around how much of the park itself will be available. But the new event is expected to call the park home for a limited time during what would normally be the California Adventure Food and Wine Festival.


Cast members received a letter from Disneyland Resort president Ken Potrock that served as a recall and said this about the event: “Currently planned to begin mid-March, we will debut an all-new, limited-time ticketed experience, focused on our world-famous food and beverage offerings from around the resort, the latest merchandise and unique, carefully crafted entertainment experiences.”

Potrock also shared that “Teams across the resort are currently developing this distinctly Disney experience, different from a traditional visit to the theme parks.” 

While rides won’t be operating, visitors can expect a unique Disneyland experience with more info on the way!

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