Interview With Justin Warner: Marvel Eat the Universe

Interview With Justin Warner: Marvel Eat the Universe

We sit with Food Network celebrity chef Justin Warner to talk the release of his new book, Marvel Eat The Universe: The Official Cookbook.

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Just released today is the new galactic inspired Marvel Eat The Universe: The Official Cookbook,” a companion release to the popular video series. Packed with over a hundred recipes inspired by the Marvel Universe, we’re excited to discover culinary delights for our favorite Avengers.

Before we jump straight into our fridge, let’s find a bit more about the book. We sat down with author, celebrity chef Justin Warner to talk favorite bites, superheroes, and Disney parks.


Welcome! Tell us a bit about your new cookbook Marvel Eat The Universe: The Official Cookbook. What was the process of creating it like? 

Surprisingly easy, compared to the previous two cookbooks I have authored. The smart folks who were producing the Eat the Universe digital series documented a ton of the process, and we made sure to save the recipes, you know, just in case we got the opportunity to make a cookbook. Fortuitous!  We needed a few more recipes to make the book a little heftier so I just went to work as I usually do. I generally dive deep in to a character until I have some sort of edible lead. Then I develop the concept, then finally the recipe.

Will we see recipes featured on your web series, Eat the Universe, or are these new recipes for the book? 

Most are from the series but there are plenty of new and exciting ideas.

Let us in on your favorite recipe from the cookbook!

You never forget your first, so for now it’s the Phoenix Hot Chicken bowl.

Is Marvel Eat The Universe for cooking pros or novices? 

I think everyone, pros included, can learn something from this book.

Cooking food inspired by comic books is pretty unique for a chef. How did you discover the synergy between your life-long love of comics and cooking? 

Honestly I like a challenge and especially a cooking challenge…When you are on a game show and they say “make the best lunch you can using these four ingredients”, that’s just a question that you have to answer… Hopefully your answer is better than the other competitors’. So when the question is, “what in culinaria can one produce to represent the character of Black Bolt?” the obvious answer is a toddy or some sort of sore throat tea. If there is a better answer, I haven’t found it.

We love a good superhero team-up! Let us in on your dream team-up and what you’d whip up inspired by the pairing.  

Spider-Ham and Slapstick.   And uh, I’d probably make a riff on a cord-dog, but using caulfat. Maybe a jambonette. I kinda have to see the team-up in action to get the fine details.

Disneyland is planning on opening an Avengers Campus in a couple parks – a themed land featuring Spiderman, Iron Man, and Guardian of the Galaxy rides – in the coming months. If you were doing the design, what ride would you add to the land? 

Anything that lets me see Knowhere as if it’s real would be so rad to me. I think a bifrost ride could be rad too.

At Perfecting The Magic, we’re pretty obsessed with Disney park food. Do you have a favorite dish or snack from the parks? 

This might sound crazy, but I’ve never been to a Disney park for fun! I’ve made appearances before, but I’ve never gotten to explore one.

Food trends are always changing – what do you think is coming next in the world of cooking? 

I think now that so many people have experimented with sourdough bread and we’ve all started to kind of understand the idea of probiotics I think home fermentation is gonna have a revival.

We want to thank Justin for stopping by! We’re excited to jump into our own comic inspired cooking adventures with help from the book. Marvel Eat the Universe: The Official Cookbook is available for purchase now. You can find even more musings from Justin on Instagram at @EatFellowHumans.

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