Is Disney Inflating Ride Wait Times? Here’s What We’ve Noticed


Ever since Disney Genie debuted in fall 2021, guests have been paying much closer attention to the post vs. actual wait times at Disney theme parks. Now that we can pay to skip the line (hello, new paid FastPass system, Disney Genie+!), many of us continue to debate whether they should use the Lightning Lane or standby queues whenever they visit Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

But just how accurate are the Disney attraction wait times? Based on what we’ve noticed in the past several weeks, the Disneyland app is way off. It seems like Disney is inflating the wait times of numerous popular rides — possibly in an attempt to garner more Disney Genie+ sales.

Granted, the posted wait times for Disney attractions were never guaranteed to be accurate anyway, and perhaps the launch of Lightning Lane has made it even harder for Disney to account for guest demand. But in our experience, it appears that lately, wait times are more inaccurate than ever.

Hopefully, we see some changes to the posted vs. actual wait times soon so guests can have a much better idea of how long the standby lines actually are before they spend their dollars on Disney Genie+.