‘It’s Time’ – Disney Parks Chief on Disneyland Opening

‘It’s Time’ – Disney Parks Chief on Disneyland Opening

Even more folks jump on the, “open it now!” bandwagon.

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Toss another card in the seemingly endless stack of pleas, complaints, and press conferences urging California state governor Gavin Newsom to reopen Disneyland. Disney Parks Chairman Josh D’Amaro led a spirited charge in Tuesday’s virtual press conference. “I encourage you to treat parks like other sections… We’re ready, and more importantly, it’s time,” D’Amaro said.

The impact on Orange County’s economy hasn’t gone unnoticed. Last week, Anaheim city spokesperson Mike Lyster joined the chorus of voices pleading for the necessary state theme park reopening guidelines, arguing the city’s financial loss was too great. 

At Tuesday’s conference, Disney officials echoed those concerns. D’Amaro asserted, “The longer we wait, the more devastating it will be to Orange County and other communities.” Tens of thousands of cast members have been left jobless in the wake of Disneyland Resort’s closure.

Disneyland Reopening News - Disney Officials Call for the park’s reopening

The gates remained shuttered to Disneyland Resort this week

The press conference also brought promises of expanded mobile ordering, theme park reservations and new virtual queues for rides once the resort welcomes back guests. Presented by Patrick Finnegan, Vice President of Disney California Adventure, the conference confirmed the utilization of the theme park reservation system currently in use at Walt Disney World. Finnegan said, “We are ready to launch the theme park reservation model in use at Walt Disney World to maintain capacity limits.”

The big question of “but when is Disneyland reopening?!” remained unanswered at the conference. All eyes now turn back to Governor Newsom for the delivery of the much anticipated theme park reopening protocols. D’Amaro asked for “guidelines that are fair and equitable,” but until they’re released from the state Disney officials’ hands remain tied.

We’ll continue to update you with the latest news and updates from both Disney and Universal California theme park reopening timelines. Share your thoughts in our comments section below.

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