JOY SPARKING SHARES: Disney News 5.22.20

JOY SPARKING SHARES: Disney News 5.22.20

We’ve got the Disney news that will make you smile! Read our 5 uplifting stories in Joy Sparking Shares!

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Disney news pours out every day – and let’s face it, not every headline brings joy. We prefer to focus on the positive! Each week, we round up five things that happened in the Disneyverse that qualify as “a good thing.” They can be pieces of uplifting news, stories you share with us, or anything that transpired in the last week that made us smile. Here’s your weekly download of Disney news that will spark joy! 



Hot of the presses – we’re so excited to follow along with a virtual viewing of The Lion King: Rhythms of the Pride Lands from Disneyland Paris on Instagram tonight! The show will be featured as part of the #DisneyMagicMoments campaign, which kicked off last month. We’re SO here for all the magical at-home viewing opportunities! Follow along with the show live at 7 PM EST tonight on @disneyparksblog (or catch it later on-demand on IGTV!)

First Gay Leading Man from Pixar

pixar out.jpg

Diversity for the win! Today marks the streaming debut of the new Pixar SparkShorts Out” on Disney Plus. The film follows the tale of Greg as he moves out to the big city with his boyfriend Manuel. We won’t spoil how the story ends, but we say this one is worth a watch. We’re so happy to see more diversity in the stories being told by Pixar!

Watch the Sunrise Over Disneyland Paris

Disney treated us to a view of the sunrise over Disneyland Paris’s Sleeping Beauty Castle this week. Thanks to the timelapsed video we’re able to watch the entire sunrise in just 90 seconds. This rare into the parks at the crack of dawn is something not to be missed! Check out the video on Disney Parks Blog.

Chairman of Disney Parks Welcomes Back Guests

josh damaro welcome.JPG

This week marked the reopening of Disney Springs, the park’s retail and dining destination in Orlando. Pictures quickly surfaced of Chairman of Disney Parks, Josh D’Amaro, out pounding the pavement to welcome back guests to the complex. Josh was joined by Walt Disney World ambassadors, Marilyn West and Stephen Lim, along with newly-appointed President of Walt Disney World, Jeff Vahle. We were overjoyed to see these high profile execs out and about greeting guests back to a U.S. Disney Parks experience!

A Special Starbucks Surprise


Nothing goes together better than Starbucks and Disney, amirite?! Our social media feed was splashed with photos of this delightful “Welcome Back” drink crafted at the Starbucks in Disney Springs in honor of the reopening. The bright pink drink is made with Dragonfruit Refresher, coconut milk, strawberries, blueberries, pineapple ginger syrup, and topped off with golden ginger whipped cream. We just might try ordering one of these at our local neighborhood Starbucks!

That wraps up this week’s Joy Sparking Shares! What Disney news made you smile this week? Let us know in the comments below!  


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