New Fantasia Makeup Brush Collection from Spectrum

New Fantasia Makeup Brush Collection from Spectrum

These new makeup brushes have us feeling magical.

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British makeup brand Spectrum has just released a new Disney-inspired brush collection. Created in honor of the 80th anniversary of Disney’s Fantasia, the Fantasia collection features essential brushes for complete makeup looks. Ranging from eye brushes to those for powder and foundation, the brush collection comes in a deep navy color and is stylized with the well-known stars and moons of Mickey’s Sorcerer hat.

Started by two sisters in early 2014, Spectrum found its start in a garage in South Wales. With a specialization in “creating makeup, tools and accessories” at an affordable price, Spectrum has gone on to become a globally known beauty brand that puts an emphasis on fun, high quality designs. 

On why the Fantasia collection was created, they said the collection works “as a reminder to both ourselves and our customers to never stop dreaming.” One piece that stands out in particular among the collection is the Fantasia Magic Broom Brush that mimics the look of the walking brooms from the film!

The collection is available in a few different varieties, from the 8 piece eye brush set to the Fantasia Ultimate Bundle.

Note: While several pieces are currently sold out online, a restock should be coming soon! Shop the entire Fantasia Collection here.


Fantasia Dream 8 Piece Eye Brush Set – $49.00


Fantasia Magic Broom Brush – $28.00


Fantasia Dream 12 Piece Brush Set – $90.00

Fantasia Sorcerer’s Hat Bag – $69.00


Fantasia Brush Set Bundle – $140.00


Fantasia Ultimate Bundle – $180.00

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