New Merchandise is Coming to Galaxy’s Edge

New Merchandise is Coming to Galaxy’s Edge

A fresh crop of Star Wars merchandise is headed our way!

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D23’s Fantastic Worlds Celebration saw the revelation of several new pieces of merchandise that will be available in Galaxy’s Edge soon! During the virtual event “Storytelling through Merchandise”, several pieces and updates on previously announced pieces were shared by members of the Disney Parks merchandise team. 


Overall, 4 new pieces were shared. The first shared was a Dianoga figure with a rotating head and eye. It will be available in December.


Inspired by the Stormtrooper doll seen in Rogue One, a new Boba Fett wooden doll was announced as well. It will be available at Disney’s Hollywood Studios sometime soon, with no specific release date shared.


image (5).png

Next, available starting November 18, 2020 in the park, CB-23 will join the droid line up. With a unique personality chip, the remote-controlled droid will be available inside of the Droid Depot. Announced with the new droid was a droid bag as well that features a unique open design so your droid can peek out as you walk through the park.

image (3).png

One last new piece shared was the Droid Factory 5-pack. This pack features the 5 droids that can be seen just outside of the Droid Depot inside of Galaxy’s Edge, making for a unique take home piece of Batuu.

And lastly, the next Legacy Lightsaber that will be coming to Galaxy’s Edge is Cal Kestis (from the game Jedi: Fallen Order) will be coming in Fall 2021. Along with a release date, some new information on the future for the Legacy Lightsabers moving forward was also shared.

When new additions are added to the collection, some of the first lightsabers that were released will be retired. But the staff at Dok-Ondar, where the Legacy sabers can be found in the park, will let guests know when a saber will be retired.

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