Our Disney Masks Sizing Guide And Review

Our Disney Masks Sizing Guide And Review

Don’t get caught with the wrong mask size again!

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Since March, our face mask collection has gone from 0 to 60 MPPD (that’s mask purchases per day.) Disney has released a plethora of mask designs and styles over the past few months to help add flair to everyone’s new must-have accessory. Which Disney mask is right for you, and which size should you buy it in? Let’s talk Disney mask sizing and share our honest review. 


Our Disney Masks Sizing Guide and Disney Face Masks Review - The Classic Design

The first batch of Disney masks released back in March and are still widely available in the parks today. These masks feature a rectangular shape and are made of heavyweight cotton material. We found several of the design patterns cute but have to give “the classic” a knock for its breathability. After washing these masks, you’ll find yourself wearing a fuzzy cotton face covering that is uncomfortable in the heat. Most Disney masks currently for sale are in this cut and material.

  • Mask Shape: 6/10

  • Material Comfort: 4/10

  • Designs and Styles Available: 9/10


For most adults, we recommend an Adult Large in this mask. We’d only recommend the Adult Extra Large for those with particularly wide jawlines. We found the Youth Small appropriate for toddlers and Medium suitable for larger children to preteens.


New material in the updated Disney face masks - Our Disney Masks Sizing Guide and Review

After several months Disney decided to release a new batch of masks we’re dubbing “the updated classic.” These masks feature the same rectangular shape as their predecessors but boast a new material closer to nylon. The material is a serious upgrade, offering greatly improved breathability. We still don’t love the mask’s shape, but it seems a worthy trade for comfort. Now we’re just waiting for more design options! Distinguish these masks from “the classic” by looking for a “new material” tag attached to the packaging.

Note: It looks like Disney may be moving all masks to this updated material at some point in the future.

  • Mask Shape: 6/10

  • Material Comfort: 9/10

  • Designs and Styles Available: 8/10


This mask fits precisely like “the classic.” We recommend an Adult Large for most adults in this mask.


The new Spirit Jersey Disney Mask - Our Disney Masks Sizing Guide and Review

In November, the Disney mask of our dreams finally arrived! Dubbed the “spirit jersey mask,” this lovely new styled arrived on the scene as part of Disney’s collaboration with Make-A-Wish. The masks feature a diamond shape cut, making for a more flattering mask silhouette. Like it’s namesake, the material feels quite close to a Disney spirit jersey’s lining (think a light sweatshirt material.) We found breathability worse than the “updated classic’s” nylon material, but give this mask serious style points. Even though only a few patterns are currently available, we love how chic all the designs look!

  • Mask Shape: 10/10

  • Material Comfort: 4/10

  • Designs and Styles Available: 10/10


We found this mask to run larger than the other Disney masks, with a Youth Medium fitting best on an adult woman. We’d still recommend an Adult Large in this mask for adult males (or those with wider jawlines). Expect the Youth Small size to fit small children to preteens best.

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