Perfect Moments: What We’re Running To When Disney Reopens

Perfect Moments: What We’re Running To When Disney Reopens

We just can’t wait until the parks reopen! We’re sharing the first three places we’re running to when those pearly gates open for the first time.

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We’ve all spent weeks imagining it…what’s the first thing you’ll run to once Disneyland reopens? Read the three perfect experiences we’ve been dreaming of! They just might up ranking on your “to-do” list for that first magical visit back to the parks.


The Fun Wheel cocktail

The Fun Wheel cocktail

Sitting upstairs at the Lamplight Lounge with a view of Mickey’s Funwheel is a pretty dreamy experience. But have you done it while eating Lobster Nachos and sipping a drink off the secret menu? It’s the perfect welcome back to the parks. We’ll be taking in all the magic of Pixar Pier and people watching the afternoon away. The waterfront tables are perfect for lingering and offer one of the best views in the park. 

As always, ask for a table in the shade so the afternoon sun doesn’t interfere with the view. The Lobster Nachos are a staple order at the lounge and are just the right size for sharing with a friend. And what’s our order off the secret menu? A favorite sip, of course! We’re picking The Fun Wheel, a mix of pineapple juice, passion fruit vodka, and blue curaçao. Join us for a few boozy cocktails!  


Magic Happens Parade (photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog)

Magic Happens Parade (photo courtesy of Disney Parks Blog)

Alright, so call us basic, but a Dole Whip Float always starts our heart a fluttering. Of course, this snack should rank on the “proceed immediately to the snack cart” list. We’re pairing this all-time fav with a view of the recently debuted Magic Happens” parade during our inaugural trip back to Disneyland. 

Where to camp out? We love taking in the view of the parade right at the end of Main Street. It gives you perfect proximity to send a friend on the Dole Whip recon mission in Adventureland while you hold down your parade viewing spot. Can you share your Dole Whip with a friend? Yes. Should you? No. We’re buying two, thanks! 


Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

Fireworks over Sleeping Beauty’s Castle

No day at Disneyland would truly be complete without a viewing of fireworks. Lots of folks spend hours waiting for a spot in front of the castle. We say save that for the newbies and enjoy more ride time. We’ll stroll to Main Street around 9 PM to find a spot and take in all the magical projections on the buildings there while still having a great view of the fireworks. 

Our best viewing tip? Ensure you’re not too close to the end of Main Street (towards the castle), or that gorgeous little tree on the left-hand side of the street will spoil the view. 

We love to pair food and drink with just about every Disney experience, so we’ll grab a Salted Caramel Mocha (2 pumps, hold the whip for us) from Starbucks for the show. Don’t Starbucks and Disney just go together too perfectly?  

What are you headed to once those magical gates reopen? Let us know in the comments below. Until then, we’ll be right there daydreaming with you!


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