Perfect Your Disney Stamina & Be Opening Day Ready!

Perfect Your Disney Stamina & Be Opening Day Ready!

We have the tips and tricks to ensure you’re ready for re-opening day!

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Keeping up your Disney Stamina is critical for park opening day! Have you been snacking and relaxing your way through quarantine? That’s no way to be ready for the epic amount of endurance a day at the parks requires!

We detail exactly how to be prepared to hit your Disney park of choice hard when the gates re-open. Hear all of our tips and tricks in our latest video. We recommend sharing this video with your park hopping buddy too!

Want to check out our Ultimate Disney Walking Playlist? Here are the jams that will keep you right on stride. Each of these songs has a BPM between 160 – 180 aka the perfect tempo for walking tunes!

What have you been doing to keep yourself in Disney stamina shape?! Let us know in the comments below.

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