Perfecting the Magic Interviews: Magically Meg McGuire

Perfecting the Magic Interviews: Magically Meg McGuire

Meg dishes on fashion, mental health, recovery, and the Disney Influencer culture

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At Perfecting the Magic, we’re inspired by Disney creators that share their unique and authentic voices with their audience. Meg McGuire, of Magically Meg McGuire, is one of such creators.  

We recently connected with Meg to discuss everything from fashion, mental health, recovery, and the dark side of Disney Influencer culture. Meg’s honesty, warmth, wit, and depth of compassion can be felt through her words. Join us in learning more about her story. 

Hi Meg! You’ve spoken openly about your healing journey and how becoming a Disneyland annual Passholder helped you. Can you tell us more about that? 

For about the last four years, I have been in eating disorder and addiction recovery. My old ways of having fun were drinking and working out—both for many hours a day.  

After I got in recovery, I decided to buy a Disney pass. I thought to myself, if I can’t have fun at Disneyland, I am screwed. I started my Instagram account because my followers on my main account hated my Disney posts.  

I had no intention of @magicallymegmcguire becoming a thing; I just wanted a home to post my photos. And the rest is history!  

What has Disney meant to you?  

It’s a wonderland of magic. It’s also a consistent mainstay in my life.  

it’s there for me 365 days a year (except in COVID-19, lol!). It’s a place for me to escape and feel like a kid again.  

You’ve recently completed graduate school. Congratulations! Can you share why you decided to pursue a career in mental health? Did your experience have anything to do with your decision?  

Thanks! I am a former magazine editor and publicist. After I decided to pursue recovery, my career felt like it lacked substance and meaning.  

I took about a year off, and decided to become a therapist and give back to the field that helped me so much. It’s been a great move for me.  

Psychologists have prescribed Disney visits for healing and PTSD. You’re a therapist. What do you think of this treatment plan? How could it help people? 

I can confirm that it’s helped me tremendously in my mental health journey. That being said, it’s definitely something that would have to be prescribed on a case-by-case basis.  

If crowds stress the client out, it would likely not be a great place to go; unless you’re using it for crowd exposure therapy. If the client hates Disney, then again, it could have a reverse effect. I do think it’s a really great place to do inner child work.  

In a recent Instagram post, you mentioned that lies were being spread about you. The Disney community can be toxic. Is there anything you’d like to clarify or speak about regarding this? 

It can be very toxic. That’s the one thing about Instagram that’s been a real bummer—I have thought many times about discontinuing my account due to the drama.  

But, to answer your question regarding that specific post, I always try to stay away from specifics because I believe that being a bigger person is the way to go. I try to be an authentic presence on social media, and I hope people can see through the bullshit due to my authenticity.  

What do you think fuels the toxicity, rumors, and gossip in the Disney space from a mental health perspective?  

Rather than a mental health perspective, I am just going to speak from a human perspective.  

Ultimately, it boils down to a lack of understanding of the other person’s unique human experience. And this lack of understanding can be fueled by jealousy, confusion, ego, anger, and so much more. And, at the end of the day, people love to gossip—it takes the heat off of what’s going on for them internally.   

You have an obvious love of fashion. We love that you mix designer pieces with Disney merch. If you could create any designer X Disney collaboration, what would it be? 

Thanks! It’s super fun for me to mix it together, and people have been really receptive to it too. My style ebbs and flows, and I am currently into more streamlined looks.  

This would NEVER EVER EVER EVER happen, but I would love a Disney x The Row collab.  

What does your dream Disney trip look like? If you could choose any Disney park, where would you go?  

I am dying to go to Tokyo Disney Sea (mainly for the merch and characters), which might happen next year! 

What are your Disney must-haves?   

I am very into Disney x BaubleBar’s jewelry and accessories. They’re all so cute, excellent quality, and the perfect combo of kitschy-chic.  

Plush keychains from Hong Kong and Tokyo Disney are also some must-haves—I get mine from @belloshophk.  

I love @pixiedustwearables watch covers, @daintydaydreamsco, and @thefawndoe’s straw charms, @lolaschimuelos, and @ohsofabulous‘ cups, and @twinkle.sprinkles‘ PopSockets.  

Your style is maturing, yet you always manage to keep it fun. Can you share your go-to style tips for park days? 

I don’t put practicality first at all when it comes to dressing for Disney days, so keep that in mind when I share my go-to style tips.  

I love to wear jean shorts (Alexander Wang and Moussy are my faves) with a fairly basic top on the warmer days. Accessories are really what I put my focus on—Disney cup and straw charm, Disney apple watch cover, Disney PopSocket, Disney jewelry, Disney bag charm on a designer bag, and, of course, EARS!  

I opt for jeans (Re/Done and Mother are my faves) and a blazer when it’s cooler. For shoes, I am very into Alexander McQueen’s sneakers (so comfy!), Golden Goose sneakersChanel flats, and Hermes sandals.  

You’re an accidental Disney influencer. Do you have advice for anyone looking to step into this space intentionally? What do you wish you knew before you started? 

I wish I knew about the drama and gossip that occurs in this community; it can be really draining.  

In terms of advice, I think consistency is important and finding your lane within the Disney community (are you into food? fashion? characters? Disney tips? Disney history? etc.? [is key]. Most importantly, be authentic to yourself and don’t focus on how many likes or views you’re getting (or not getting). 

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We couldn’t agree more, and are grateful to have had the opportunity to chat with Meg and learn more about her. Check out her enviable style on Instagram at @magicallymegmcguire, and follow Perfecting the Magic to stay up-to-date on everything Disney! 

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