Juliet of Perfecting the Magic waves to the Disneyland railroad

Perfecting the Magic’s 2021 Disney Year in Review

Perfecting the Magic’s 2021 Disney Year in Review

The 2021 Disney moments that took our breath away
Juliet of Perfecting the Magic waves to the Disneyland railroad

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As we close out 2021, we’re looking back at our year at Perfecting the Magic. It’s been quite the journey, and we’re jumping in and creating a virtual 2021 Disney year in review for some of the Walt Disney World and Disneyland magic that kept us going back for more. 

There’s been a lot of excitement to cover, so we’re wrapping up the year with a few highlights—the Disney moments that took our breath away, our must-have snacks, the 50th Anniversary Celebration, Genie+, and the Disneybounding looks we loved creating. 

From our can’t-miss favs to the massive park changes that kept us on our toes, join us as we unpack some 2021 Disney Magic! 

The Disney Parks Experiences That Wowed Us 

2021 was an emotional year for Disney fans. With Disneyland closed for so long, and many things up in the air, no one knew what the year would bring. Yet, there were so many amazing experiences to be had. 

Here’s Three of Our Favs: 

Fireworks returning to Walt Disney World (we seriously feel our hearts skip a beat every time!) 

Exploring the Avengers Campus After dark—trust us when we say the vibes go through the roof at AC after sundown. We remain obsessed! 

and finally, Disney’s unparalleled ability to open hearts and bring out the joy in everyone! 

Unexpected Foodie Favs 

We’re total foodies at PTM, and while you can grab tons of unique, Insta-worthy seasonal snacks at both WDW and Disneyland, sometimes you need a meal you know will hit the spot every time. 

Here’s our pick for the best burger in Disneyland and a recommendation for an ‘overhyped’ spot in Walt Disney World that’s anything but! 

You can find Disney’s best burger over at the Lamplight Lounge in DCA! You’ll need a weekend brunch reservation to score this can’t-miss meal, but it’s totally worth it. The Brunch Burger is over-the-top and satisfying. With roasted green chilis and a perfectly fried egg, you’ll be satiated for hours and ready to rebook a reservation ASAP! 

While we’re the first to admit that we can fall into the hype as much as any other Disney fan, our expectations were low when we tried The Hollywood Brown Derby over at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The hype was real, and the reviews were mixed. We didn’t know what to expect. But, the cobb salad and trout dishes wowed us, and we left thinking it was worth the visit! 

Lastly, this ice cream cookie sandwich that commemorates the WDW’s 50th anniversary shouldn’t be missed! It’s gorgeous to look at and absolutely delicious. You’ve got to check it out the next time you’re in Animal Kingdom! 

WDW Celebrates its 50th Anniversary 

When the 50th Anniversary celebration began in October 2021, we were ready to experience the feels, and it’s safe to say we have! While the parks are crazy busy and the excitement is at a fever pitch, there is no denying how significant this anniversary is. 

PTM covered the emotional WDW backstory this year, and we hope you give it a read. 

Walt Disney World is an extraordinary place, and we’ve been thrilled to take part in the 50th thus far and are excited about what the celebration will bring Disney fans in 2022! 

Disney Genie+ Entered the Chat 

When Disney Genie and Genie+ launched in the parks, we wondered if the service would deliver on its promises. While the base Genie platform allowed us to plan our day and mobile order food, it felt limited, especially for fans that know the parks so well. Still, we knew the paid Genie+ service would shake things up and turn things upside down at launch. We didn’t know just how right we’d be until Genie+ expanded to Disneyland. You can see our reaction below. 

All in all, Genie+ is here to stay, and the feature is proving popular even after a messy start. We’re still not sure it helps make Disney days any easier, but we can’t deny that things at Disney parks changed once Genie was out of the lamp! 

2021 Brought the Looks 

It’s no secret that we love a Disneybound over at PTM! From the fantastic Disney creators that we feature in our weekly newsletter to our inspired fashion, we think Disneybounding is slated to become a major trend, and we’re here for it. 

Check out our tips on making your fav Disney looks your very own! We’d love to go on this journey together and hope that 2022 is the most fashionable Disney year yet! 

Amazing things Are Ahead For 2022 

2022 is nearly here and there is so much to look forward to. Be sure to join our PTM squad by signing up to our weekly newsletter, and follow us on socials to stay up to date on everything Disney! 

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