Tiktok Positively Awesome Isaac

Perfecting the Magic’s Exclusive Interview with TikTok’s Positively Awesome Isaac

Perfecting the Magic’s Exclusive Interview with TikTok’s Positively Awesome Isaac

Meet the duo behind the TikTok viral sensation
Tiktok Positively Awesome Isaac

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At Perfecting the Magic, we’re fascinated by other Disney content creators. We recently had the pleasure of sitting down for an exclusive interview with the duo behind PositivelyAwesomeIsaac, a TikTok phenomenon with over 77+ million views.  

The account, run by Telissa Carpenter and her 29-year-old son Isaac, has rapidly grown to over 640,000 subscribers and promotes autism awareness and the happiness Disney can bring. 

Join us in learning more about their story! 

What made you start making TikTok videos? 

Telissa: So, I used to make the videos and post them on Facebook. My friends said I should do a TikTok for [Isaac], but I wasn’t sure.  

I sat on it a little bit, and I thought our friends and family would only watch the TikTok account, so I thought maybe 200 people?  

I had no idea it was going to blow up the way it has. 

Isaac, what does your ideal Disney day look like? 

Isaac: When I’m at Walt Disney World, it’s the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. It’s always my favorite ride, and my favorite character is Snow White!  

I met the Evil Queen at Disney World a month ago. When I met her, I bowed to the queen and said, “your majesty,” and the queen said, “finally, the respect I deserve!”  

Tik Tok's Positively Awesome Isaac interacts with Snow White at Disney
Tik Tok’s Positively Awesome Isaac interacts with Snow White

You’ve said your greatest hope is finding true love. What qualities do you think are essential in a person? 

Isaac: I’ve always wanted true love, and I’m sure I’ll find it someday when my dreams come true. I think they should be beautiful, kind, and sweet—like myself!  

You’re quite the collector. Is there a Disney collectible you’d like to see? 

Isaac: There are some things I’d like to see. I’d like to see a Snow White Funko Pop! with her cape, and I would love to see dolls of Anastasia and Drizella from Cinderella! 

You’ve shared that Isaac’s dream is to work at Disney. Isaac, what would your dream job at Disney look like? What would you like to do? 

Isaac: Anything at Disney that I put my mind to. I know characters well—by heart.  

People can be ignorant of the needs of those with sensory issues. Is there anything you wish people understood about people with different needs? 

Telissa: It’s good that you’ve asked me this today. The big thing, for some reason, the wheelchair video resurfaced again. I woke up to tons of negative comments again.  

I’m trying to educate people that autism is a multi-level issue. It’s not just one thing. It comes with many sensory issues, and in that video, people also comment about his diet! It all goes together. It’s a tactile thing for the diet; it’s a sensory thing for his feet. He was overstimulated.  

Tik Tok star Awesome Isaac and his mother

The reason I share what I do is to show how we adapt and adjust. We don’t just shut down and give up on the day. We figure out how to make it work for us.  

We weren’t able to do those things before. It’s a little frustrating when you see negative comments from people who either don’t want to understand or are just quick to judge.  

It’s hard because I didn’t expect the account to blow up the way it has, and I want to address these things and advocate for everyone, not just Isaac. I want people to be more educated in general.  

You frequently read Disney-themed books to your audience. What do you like most about them? 

Issac: I love to read. I feel just like Belle from Beauty and the Beast. She loves to read, just like me!  

My favorite fairy tale to read is always Snow White. I like Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Rapunzel too! 

We occasionally make copycat recipes of Disney treats. Is there a favorite snack you’d like to be able to make at home? 

Issac: The Poison Apples at Disney Springs. They’re not actually poison.  

What do you think Disney brings to your life? 

Telissa: Back when Isaac couldn’t talk like he does now, he communicated with lines and lyrics from Disney. It gave us a way to share, and I’m forever thankful for that. He wouldn’t ask for water; he would repeat, “surely this bottle is not marked poison.”  

Isaac: From Alice in Wonderland 

Telissa: That’s how I knew he wanted water or something to drink. It was our first language and ability to communicate with each other. It was through Isaac reciting lines from Disney songs and movies.  

I am forever thankful for that. Disney was a way for Isaac to open up to me, and has brought him so much joy over the years. 

You’ve shared that Isaac has taught you so much about life. Is there a lesson that you’d like to share? 

Telissa: I’ve had to learn patience that most people don’t have to exercise in life. Isaac has taught me to be understanding and non-judgmental. To be open, kind, and gentle. There are so many lessons that I didn’t teach him, but he taught me.  

He taught me to enjoy the little things in life. We can get so wrapped up in the bigger picture that we aren’t living in the moment. The simplest things bring him joy, and that has always grounded me.   

You have such a wonderful relationship with Isaac. Do you have a favorite memory? 

Telissa: We have so many great memories. For me, 2017 stands out. That was the first year I could take Isaac to Disney as an adult who could appreciate the trip. Just the pure joy and excitement of Isaac finally getting to meet the characters he loves so much. 

That was a huge thing for us because it was challenging to get to that point. To even get Isaac on a plane, to be able to handle all of those sensory issues. That trip is one of my most memorable experiences.  

Telissa Carpenter and Isaac Carpenter

Is there anything you’d like your audience to know? 

Telissa: That I’m so happy that they can see what a positive young man Isaac is. 

Isaac (to Telissa): Thank you.   

Perfecting the Magic is grateful to have had the opportunity to interview Isaac and Telissa. We learned so much about their lives and encourage you to follow them on TikTok!  

Be sure to follow Perfecting the Magic on socials, where we will be featuring an exclusive video question with Isaac and Telissa from Positively Awesome Isaac very soon! 

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  1. Isaac is the inspiration, but his mom is the unsung hero of this tail. A LOT of people around the world love you guys. I hope all of your dreams DO come true!

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