Star Wars Style: Meet The Galactic Coven

Star Wars Style: Meet The Galactic Coven

We dish on the Star Wars girl gang that is giving us serious style inspo.

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Today marks the conclusion of the first-ever Galactic Coven gala. Never heard of the group? The coven, ranking 22 members strong, is a troupe of Star Wars lovers from across the globe. Boasting jaw-dropping Star Wars universe-esque outfits, this girl gang is precisely the splash of geek chic inspiration your IG feed has been searching for. 

We had a chance to sit down with Catherine Fan (you might better recognize her as @catherine on Instagram) to talk about creating this outer-worldly group and dig into this weekend’s festivities. 

Follow along with more adventures of the Galactic Coven @galactic_coven over on Instagram, where you can find a recap of all the events featured this weekend. We’re excited to see more head-turning Star Wars style from this sensational group!

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