See Every Dress In Lirika Matoshi’s New Disney Collection

See Every Dress In Lirika Matoshi’s New Disney Collection

Designer Disney princess dresses have arrived, and we’re spilling the tea.

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The creator of the iconic strawberry dress strikes again with another set of stunning Disney dresses we’re dreaming of! Rising to new heights of popularity in 2020, Matoshi has inspired women to dress up and live their cottage-core fantasy during the quarantine.

Now in an announcement that has Disney fans squealing with delight, Matoshi has paired with Disney to design a line inspired by Cinderella. The collection features four dresses, each splashed with a heavy dash of tulle and voluminous skirts. We’re spilling the tea on our thoughts on the line in our latest video.

The new dresses deliver an ethereal look that might be just the dose of joy we needed during our quarantine. The Cinderella inspiration is definitely felt through each of the pieces, but don’t expect too see any giant blue ballgowns here. Focusing on the bows seen in Cinderella’s homespun dress for the ball, the collection takes pink over sized bows head-on.

We see a ton of inspiration here!

We see a ton of inspiration here!

Expect to see each of these looks bombarding your Disney Instagram feed in the coming months. Pre-orders for the collection are already sold out, fully booked within hours of their release. We’ll keep an eye out for when future orders open up!

See more of the collection here and follow along on Lirika’s instagram. What are you thoughts on the new Disney Princess collection? Let us know in the comments below!

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