See These Gorgeous & Unique Disneybounds With Sarees

See These Gorgeous & Unique Disneybounds With Sarees

These Disneybounds featuring sarees have our heads turning.

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When we stumbled across Afrah Saldin’s fabulous Disneybounds, our jaws dropped! Based in Sri Lanka, Afrah is the owner of a sustainable saree rental service called The Saree Library. Last month she kicked off a series of Disney princess-inspired bounds on the account using sarees from the rental service. The results were stunning, and truly unlike another other Disneybound we’ve seen before!  


We chatted with Afrah to ask her where the inspiration for these stunning looks came from. Here’s what she had to say,

“Disney is loved universally, but we had never seen anyone specifically disneybounding in Saree before with matching accessories etc, so we thought we’d give it a go!

Disney characters are iconic in the way they are designed with specific colour schemes that translate so well on screen, so styling each of the sarees with these colour schemes in mind was so easy because the fundamentals on what works has already been covered by Disney themselves!”







In each post Afrah details the pieces used in order to create her looks. Sustainable fashion is rapidly become one of the industry’s most important trends and we love how The Saree Library is pairing Disney with the movement! Now that’s Disney style we can all support!

Interested in finding out more? Visit The Saree Library on Instagram (and make a rental or two while you’re over there.) You can read more on why sustainable fashion is as Martha Stewart says, a good thing here.

See these unique Disneybound Sarees

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