Sipping Around The World: Disney Wine at Home

Sipping Around The World: Disney Wine at Home

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Toast Friends with Disney Wine at Home from EPCOT Food and Wine Festival

For many, half the fun of a Walt Disney World Vacation is indulging in the great food and beverage offerings. There have been countless times we’ve tried a dish or drink and hoped there was a way to find that at home, especially when it came to the wine selections! 

Luckily, many wines served on Disney property can be found across the country- and for a surprisingly low price tag!

Jam Jar Sweet Shira

Disney World EPCOT Wine at Home

Photo credit: Jam Jar on Facebook

I was first introduced to the Jam Jar Sweet Shiraz while dining at Jiko inside of Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge. Jiko is known for having the most extensive South African wine collection. Skeptical because of the name, our server graciously brought over the bottle to show me that it was in fact from the Western Cape province of South Africa.

I do not have enough good things to say about this wine. The Sweet Shiraz from Jam Jar is both the perfect gateway into the world of red wines and a favorite amongst red wine aficionados. It is full of mixed berry and dark chocolate flavors, making it perfect to pair with almost any food! 

While Jiko is temporarily not serving, you can find the Sweet Shiraz being showcased in the African booth at The Taste of Epcot’s International Food and Wine Festival. At home, you can find Jam Jar wines in both the isles of your local grocery store, as well as specialty liquor stores. The price per bottle averages at $9.00.

Selbach-Oster Riesling

Disney World EPCOT Wine at Home

Photo credit: Selbach-Oster on Facebook

If you have ever wandered into the German Weinkeller at Epcot, chances are you’ve tried one of the great offerings from Selbach-Oster, a German winery from the Mosel Valley region of the country.

Specializing in rieslings, Selbach’s wines break the stigma of the variety offering both dry and sweet rieslings with hints of apricot, apples and tropical fruits. Averaging $23 per bottle, Selbach wines can be found at liquor stores across the USA.

Wanting to experience these wines at Disney but not planning a trip into the parks anytime soon? Not to worry, both wines are featured at Wine Bar George at Disney Springs! 

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