Star Wars Fashion Inspiration: Meet Ashleigh

Star Wars Fashion Inspiration: Meet Ashleigh

We sit down for a video interview with one of our favorite creators!

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Star Wars…but make it fashion. Ashleigh just does that on @MakingYourOwnMagic. Blurring the line between real world street style and Star Wars cosplay Ashleigh has been setting our IG feeds on fire for months.

We had a chance to sit down with Ashleigh to talk all things Star Wars fandom, Galaxy’s Edge and chic geek lifestyle!

One of our favorite facts about Ashleigh? She can’t sew. Most of her looks are sourced from thrift shops or Etsy and then dashed with a bit of DIY. She encourages anyone interested in cosplaying to go for it, even if they don’t have ace sewing skills or a fancy camera setup.

Inspired by a deep love of the Star Wars franchise, Ashleigh loves highlighting little known characters from the franchise and beyond. “I always love selecting the characters that people have never seen before…I’ve always liked being the ones that people go ‘Oh, I know that! I know that person!’ Because what that does, it helps create a conversation and creates a new friendship with a stranger…It sparks a social connection, which is the big reason why I like cosplaying and dressing up,” Ashleigh shared.

You can find more from Ashleigh on her Instagram page MakingYourOwnMagic or follow along with her Youtube channel Always Believe.

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