Test Track at EPCOT: How to Unlock a High Score


Test Track is one of the most popular rides at Walt Disney World Resort. But did you know that you can actually design your own vehicle for the attraction — and even unlock a high score?

Cruise over to EPCOT to experience Test Track, an immersive attraction that allows guests to “test drive” Chevrolet vehicles. You can design your own car (with an actual performance score!) here at the Chevrolet Design Studio.

The entrance to Test Track at EPCOT

The maximum score you can achieve with your design is 232 points. Here’s a step-by-step of what to do to reach that high score:

  1. To start, draw a shape of a typical car — don’t worry too much about getting it perfect, as the Optimize button will do most of the work.
  2. Edit the length and width to make your car as short and wide as possible to unlock maximum response and power points.
  3. Select a hybrid engine to set yourself up for more options later on in the design process.
  4. Select wheels that allow you to add two points to your score, and make them as wide as possible.
  5. Finally, spend most of your time editing the accessories. Note that each accessory will add or subtract from your score, so pay attention to the best accessory combinations. This can be the most difficult step as the selections will appear based on your engine type, but don’t stress too much.

Watch our TikTok below for a complete walkthrough!