The 3 Best Disney Podcasts: We Share The Ones You Can’t Miss!

The 3 Best Disney Podcasts: We Share The Ones You Can’t Miss!

These Disney podcasts spark some serious joy!

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We share the best Disney podcasts: Which Disney Podcast Should You Be Listening To?

Podcasting has been around since 2004, but the medium really took off in 2014 with the mega-hit Serial. Ever since then, podcasting has continued to become more and more mainstream. In the early days podcasting was mainly political blogging, but over the last 15 years the genre has grown exponentially. There are podcasts on pretty much every topic imaginable, including Disney! A quick search in the podcast section of the Apple Store for “Disney” generates over 100 hits. With all these options where should you start? Here are the best Disney Podcasts (in our humble opinion.)

Best Disney News & History: The Disney Dish

The Disney Dish with Len Testa and Jim Hill should be a staple in your podcast rotation. This is a can’t miss show for all the happenings in Walt Disney World. Every week Len Testa covers the latest Disney news, rumors, and projects.

Len and his sources always have the latest information on anything occurring in WDW from new patent applications to surveys Disney sends out. No one is better at deciphering all this information and sharing what it means for the future.

Len is the creator of Touring Plans, a data analytics website with information on WDW crowds and wait times as well as the co-author of The Unofficial Guides to Walt Disney World. Hearing Lens thoughts on all things WDW related is valuable to any Disney fan. 

The second half of the show features Jim Hill, a Disney historian and entertainment writer. Over his 30-year career Jim has written extensively about The Walt Disney Company. Every week Jim shares his insights on an exciting topic. Jim has covered things such as “which presidents visited what Disney parks?” and “Why was that Mickey arm built next to Spaceship Earth?”. Here you will hear answers to questions you never even knew you had! Every Disney fan should spend time listening to The Disney Dish. 

Best Inside Information: Very Amusing with Carlye Wisel

Carlye Wisel is a highly acclaimed theme park journalist and travel expert who specializes in Disney and Universal. Carlye has an established social media following where she shares breaking news and behind the scenes information to her followers and her Foamily- the official name for the online community she has created centered around a love of Disney and cold foam. Carlye was Recently named one of Blooloop’s 50 Theme Park Industry Insiders so you can bet she has endless stories to share.

Only in its first season, Very Amusing has become a hit. In the first few episodes Carlye has roped listeners in with stories of jewelry sales in the utilidors in WDW and in-depth reporting about how Disney-parks exclusive Star Wars sodas found their way to a small supermarket in Alabama. Very Amusing with Carlye Wisel is the perfect listen for anyone who is obsessed with Disney theme parks and wants to get a little Disney magic along with a ton of laughs. 

Best Nostalgia: The WDW Radio Show

The WDW Radio Show is a staple of Disney podcasts. Now on its 610th show, host Lou Mongello has covered every Disney topic there is. Every week Lou breaks down the details that made us fall in love with Disney and the parks. Ranging from “The Music of Magic Kingdom” to “Top 10 Seats in Disney World”, WDW radio will fill your ears with the joys of the past, present, and future at Walt Disney World.

Lou is almost always joined by an experienced guest who contributes to his extensive knowledge and often debates Disney favorites and “Top 10s” in a fun and engaging conversation with the host.

What really sets WDW Radio apart is Lou’s love of Disney. You can feel Lou’s passion come across in every episode as he often stops to compose himself as he gets wrapped up in emotion. The overwhelming joy felt by Lou will be passed on to you as you listen. When you’re missing Disney and need a little bit of magic, this show is for you. 

Have you listened to these Disney podcasts? Let us know in the comments below!

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