The 4 Perfect Star Wars Quotes For the Moment

The 4 Perfect Star Wars Quotes For the Moment

Now more than ever the optimistic tone of Star Wars is what we need. Read 4 quotes from the series that hit home at the moment.

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Now more than ever it’s an important time to be inspired and uplifted. Star Wars is one of the movie franchises that always manages to spark joy for us and serves as a potent reminder that even when the odds look impossible, there’s always a reason to hope. So with that in mind we’re sharing the 4 perfect Star Wars movie quotes for the moment as part of our May the 4th Be With You series.

#1. Ben Solo, Rise of Skywalker


Moments after this exchange with the ghost of Han Solo, Ben tosses his lightsaber into the sea and begins his path to redemption. We’ve all had moments of feeling this way in recent weeks, but Ben’s heroic charge into the film’s ending makes us feel like no circumstance is too difficult to overcome.

#2. Rey, force awakens


Even as she hovers over an unconscious Finn, Rey remains sure that she will be reunited with her friend soon. We hold that same hope and optimism in our hearts when we think of sharing time with our loved ones once again.

#3. Rose, The Last jedi


Here Rose risks her life to save Finn in her most heroic moment of the series. Rose’s selfless act resonates with us as we put our personal needs aside in the name of aiding others. Now more than ever we’re holding on closely to what we love.

#4. Han Solo, a new hope


Just when all hope seems lost Han and the Millenium Falcon swoops in to clear the path for Luke’s perfect shot. We’re all looking forward to the moment when we can say we’ve nuked the Death Star from orbit, but until then know we’re always just a moment away from the one change of circumstance that sets us up to win.

We hope these quotes connect with you during this unprecedented time. Let us know your favorite quotes from the series in the comments below.

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