Styled to Perfection: The 5 Disney Fashion Rules to Live By

Styled to Perfection: The 5 Disney Fashion Rules to Live By

Learn the 5 rules that will transform you into a Disney style icon. Get ready to slay!

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Looking to brush up your outfit game? It’s essential to understand how the rules of fashion change when styling an outfit inspired by Disney magic. Never fear, we’re here to set the record straight with the 5 Disney Fashion rules to live by. Get ready to slay with your transformed Disney style!

Image Credit: @ChampagneRabbit

Image Credit: @ChampagneRabbit

#1 Find your muse

With Disney fashion, inspiration is everything. What’s your muse for this outfit? Sure you can go with the obvious – Cinderella, Elsa, Ariel but what will really elevate your ensemble is thinking outside the box. Remember that inspiration can come from anywhere: a fresh aesthetic you found on Instagram, a specific time (think 20s chic), or even your current mood. Waking up and thinking, “I’d love to feel like an edgy princess today” totally works! Pick one primary focus for the look and let that vision guide the rest.

#2 know where to spend

Just because you’re sporting a $20 tank doesn’t mean you need to look cheap! We know most of your Disney clothing pieces aren’t likely to be incredibly high end, so incorporate quality items to elevate your ensemble. When it comes to where to invest we recommend the big three: bags, shoes & jackets. Save your splurges for non-Disney branded pieces so you’re getting the most versatility from big spends. Then make it magical by mixing in your fast-fashion Disney clothing.  

Even when Disney DOES go pricey your money is better spent on a classic piece

Even when Disney DOES go pricey your money is better spent on a classic piece

#3 Less Is More

This one’s controversial when it comes to Disney fashionistas, but it’s a rule to live by. In the immortal words of Coco Chanel, “When putting on accessories, take off the last thing you’ve put on.” Want to elevate your look from childish to classic? Strip it down to the essentials and when in doubt, go for subtlety. We know its particularly tempting when styling a Disney outfit to think “pile on all the things!” but practicing editing will make your look stronger in the end. 

#4 Keep Your Eye on the Details

The best Disney looks are ruled by the details. Those just-right pair of earrings that nod to the stroke of midnight, the tiny rose necklace that hints to Beast’s magical flower. These small details genuinely make an outfit shine, so we like to spend time finding these perfect pieces. When in doubt, root back to your muse and reflect on what finishing touches would truly channel that inspiration.

Disney x Aldo Cinderella earrings that deliver on details

Disney x Aldo Cinderella earrings that deliver on details

#5 ensure You Always Shine Through

It’s easy to get lost in the look when styling an homage to a favorite character or movie. Remember that your personal style should always lead first. It’s important to think “that looks like ME!” when you stand in front of a mirror, even when pulling off a Disneybound. With time you’ll sharpen what this definition means for you and intuitively start selecting pieces based on it. 

We’d love to see your style! Tag us at #disneyperfection for a chance to be featured on the Disney Perfection instagram page. Now go transform yourself into a Disney style icon! 


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