The Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2021

The Best Times to Visit Walt Disney World in 2021

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No matter when you visit Walt Disney World, it is always magical. Every day at WDW is unique and the time of year can you pick to visit can greatly influence the feel of your trip. For this reason, we think the most important question to consider before scheduling your WDW vacation is when you are going to visit. With many people looking to reschedule a canceled trip or just get away, we want to look at what’s going on at the parks next year. We’ve reviewed seasonal offerings, entertainment, and crowd predictions to rank the best times to visit Walt Disney World in 2021.

#12 July

When Is The Best Time To Visit Walt Disney World In 2021? The Toy Soliders March Down Hollywood Studios

July receives the worst ranking on our list for two reasons: crowds and temperatures. In Orlando, the average high temperature in July is a smoldering 92°, with the humidity often making it feel over 100°. While WDW does have many indoor rides and dining, a lot of your time at the park will be spent outside, often in direct sunlight. On top of the heat, July is also one of the most crowded months at Disney due to summer vacation. If this is the only time you can visit, it will still be magical, but we suggest avoiding trips this month if possible. 

#11 August 

August in WDW is very similar to July: hot and crowded. August took a higher ranking on our list because it is possible to make a trip late in the month after school has started. If you must visit in August, wait until the kids are back in school.

#10 June

When is the best ime to visit Walt Disney World in 2021? June brings rain at Magic Kingdom and Florida

June is the least crowded of the summer months, but still more packed than most others. If you have to plan your trip to WDW for a summer month, we recommend going in June. Make sure to pack a poncho as this month is one of the wettest ones in the parks, with a monthly average of 8+ inches of rain. 

#9 April

April can be hard to place, depending on the year. In 2021, Easter will be in April. This, along with spring break crowds, is what landed it in 9th place. 

#8 May

Summer weather begins to pick up in the parks in May so don’t expect typical spring temperatures. May can be a good time to visit WDW as this is when park hours begin to extend for the summer season. If you are looking for minimal crowds, avoid scheduling your trip over Memorial Day weekend.

#7 September


If you’re not from the southern U.S., then September may bring to mind images of crisp weather and changing leaves. This is not true for Orlando! Here, September is very much still summer with average high temperatures that often reach 90°. If you can handle the heat, the month typically sees some of the lowest crowds of the year, apart from Labor Day weekend. The middle of September is the start of the Halloween season. All the additional offerings like special decorations, character sightings, and Halloween snacks are all great reasons to visit. We are really hoping to see Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party return in 2021!

#6 January

In any other year, January would rank much higher on our list. You can expect low temperatures and low crowds as usual, but other offerings will still be limited. With January 2021 just around the corner, we expect that traditional entertainment like parades and fireworks will not return for the month (but we’ll keep our fingers crossed!)  

#5 February 

February used to be the best-kept secret for people looking for the ideal time to visit WDW. For years this was when you could find the nicest temperatures with the lowest crowd levels. That secret has been out for a while, but February is still a good time to make your trip. If you want to avoid crowds, don’t visit over Presidents Day weekend. In 2021, expect to see the continued scaled back entertainment options that were introduced in 2020. 

#4 March

The Best Time to Visit Walt Disney World Resort and Theme Park This Year 2021 - A view of EPCOT

With Easter falling in April, March has received a boost on our list. Early March is a great time to visit and avoid the spring break crowds that start to pick up at the end of the month. March is mostly likely going to see some restrictions due to Covid-19 but we anticipate a continue expansion of offerings over the months of January and February. 

#3 October

October is a wonderful time to plan a trip to Walt Disney World. The dropping temperature and Halloween events and decorations make it a great time to visit (and my personal favorite). The crowds are typically low (as there aren’t long school breaks or any federal holidays in the month.)

October 2021 is a special month as October 1st, 2021 is the Magic Kingdom’s 50th anniversary. You can expect a ton of new offerings to celebrate the event! While the anniversary will draw higher than average crowds, we think this memorable event will be worth planning a visit around!

#2 December

The best time to visit Disney World in 2021 - Holiday projections on Cinderella’s Castle at Magic Kingdom

The first 2 weeks of December are among the best to visit WDW. Traveling in early December allows you to take advantage of the holiday fun while missing the holiday crowds. With December 2021 over a year away, we are hopeful that all entertainment will return to the parks. Visiting in December will also allow you to ride all the new attractions the Imagineers are working on finishing before the 50th anniversary. 

#1 November

The best time to visit WDW in 2021 is in November. A November trip will allow you to take advantage of low temperatures, some holiday magic, 50th-anniversary events, and low crowds. Avoid visiting on Veterans Day weekend or Thanksgiving week to avoid the month’s peak crowds. Like December, we are hopeful that entertainment will be back for the 2021 holiday season!

When is your favorite time to visit Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!

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