The Cutest Disney Finds on Amazon 

The Cutest Disney Finds on Amazon 

A roundup of 23 Disney finds available on Amazon

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We’ve never had more options when shopping for Disney merchandise. From Shop Disney to indie sellers and Etsy creators, we can find a bit of Disney nearly everywhere these days. While there are few places as convenient and quick as Amazon (hello, Prime!), the site is ostensibly a marketplace, and it can be challenging to wade through its waters to find the best they have to offer. To help guide you, we’re back with a roundup of 23 of the cutest Disney finds available on Amazon

Let’s jump in! 

Disney Kitchen Finds on Amazon  

You’ll feel like royalty when using this ceramic Disney Princess-inspired dinner wear. The set includes four complete place settings consisting of a dinner plate, dessert plate, mug, bowl, and golden accents. This pastel set comes in at just $7.50 per piece, and would make a fantastic gift if divided up between friends. Choose your favorite princess and gift the other three, save for a special occasion, or elevate your nightly dinners with an elegant touch of Disney for every meal.  

If fine dining isn’t your thing, and you’d like to bring a different form of classic Disney into your day, this 20oz Mickey Waffle mug might be the perfect choice for you. With a whimsical raised waffle pattern, a stirrer reminiscent of a butter knife (complete with ‘butter’ detail!), and a glossy finish, it’s an ideal mug to add to your collection. 

Speaking of Mickey Waffles, this stainless-steel waffle maker is one of the best we’ve seen. Featuring a 7” batter reservoir, a Mickey head-shaped LED, a no-skid bottom, and non-stick cooking surface, this iron creates perfectly crisp waffles that are astoundingly similar to those on Disney property. Sift on some powdered sugar and add a few strawberries and you’ll have a gourmet Disney breakfast in minutes! 

Mickey Waffles aren’t your thing? Or maybe you’re looking to mix it up and incorporate a bit of Star Wars into your morning? We’ve got you! This Millennium Falcon waffle iron is easy to clean and creates a visually stunning final product. It’s the perfect choice for any Star Wars fan, and an amazing addition to any collection.  

Disney Home Merch on Amazon 

Sometimes you just need a little garden or patio creature to liven up your outdoor space. Sure, you could use a gnome, or whatever else you’d like, but you can also use this Sleeping Beauty owl, complete with a pensive expression, log perch, and colorful flowers! We think it would look beautiful amongst wildflowers, but could easily double as home décor. We love an unexpected Disney reference, and this little owl fits the bill perfectly. An unexpected Disney find on Amazon, for sure! 

At PTM, we live for tiny Disney details. The subtler, the better, usually. This is why we love this 12-piece set of black and ecru (off-white) Mickey head shower hooks so much. They’re rustproof, easy to install, and suitable for most bathroom curtains. We support a touch of Disney in every room, and these little details are the perfect way to infuse Disney into your day-to-day! 

Looking for a more overt Disney reference at home that still maintains style and function? Look no further than these drop Mickey head pendant lights in Nordic-style iron. With an adjustable length, easy install instructions, and eco-friendly LED light bulb options, these beautiful Mickey lights are ideal for most spaces. And since they come in various colors, including green, rose gold, gray, and black, they’ll add style to any room.  

If drop lighting isn’t your thing, this flush, mounted Mickey (or Minnie!) light could be the perfect choice for your home. With an acrylic and metal streamlined design, LED light options, and remote-controlled on, off, and dimming, it’s a piece that draws attention while still providing function. It reminds us of something you’d find in a house in the Golden Oak neighborhood within Walt Disney World, and we think it would work in bedrooms and offices alike! 

While we’re talking lighting, we can’t skip this Haunted Mansion lantern which features the paintings made famous by the stretching room. With faux wrought iron detail and depictions of quicksand and alligators, it’s the perfect gift for any Haunted Mansion fan and can be used year-round as a display piece. 

Disney Cookbooks on Amazon 

Speaking of the Haunted Mansion, you must check out this Nightmare Before Christmas cookbook and entertaining guide, which just came out last summer. It includes recipes from snacks to desserts, and boasts a five-star rating on Amazon. Standout recipes include “Sally Cake” and “Steak and Spider Stew,” and while we haven’t tried them personally, we can’t wait to dig into them when our copy of the book arrives.  

EPCOT is known for having some of the best food at Walt Disney World, so we’re excited about this unofficial EPCOT cookbook! At just over $10, the price can’t be beat, as it contains 100 recipes, including the famous School Bread from Norway, the UK’s fish and chips, and honey chocolate baklava from Morocco.  

This Star Wars: Life Day cookbook grabbed our attention the second we saw it. The holiday recipes (from a Galaxy far, far away) are beautifully photographed and well-reviewed. Highlights include the Gloomroot Pancakes, Eopie Roast, and the Bantha Milk Hot Chocolate. If you or your loved ones are major Star Wars fans, we think this Amazon Disney find is a can’t miss purchase, and we can’t wait to see what you think of it! 

Disney Makeup on Amazon 

Our previous Amazon shopping guide included an incredible set of Marvel-themed makeup brushes, so we were stoked to find this Grogu set. Each of the five brushes in the collection is adorned with Baby Yoda in a different pose, and will serve as the perfect travel or beginner brush set. With two face brushes and three eye brushes, the set provides just enough to complete any makeup look, and the pink brush heads and rose gold handles add a beautiful touch to the set that will make them stand out in a makeup bag or vanity display. Whether buying for yourself or as a gift, the price point is affordable, and the set is functional, which we love to see. 

While we’re on the topic of Star Wars, how about this nine-shade ColourPop Grogu palette in the prettiest earthy green tones? From shimmering white to gold and deep brown, this versatile vegan palette can create everything from simple wash-of-color eye looks to smoky styles you can wear anywhere. Its compact size is a major bonus, too! 

While we’re talking ColourPop, why not continue with their Disney Princess-inspired Midnight Masquerade palette? With 15 shadows ranging from glitters to mattes, and packaging with modernized Disney princesses including Rapunzel, Ariel, Tiana, and Belle, it’s the ideal palette for anyone who likes a princess-inspired look, but isn’t afraid to bring a little edge to their makeup. If you’re looking for a palette, this is one of the best.   

Rounding out our Disney palettes on Amazon is this Marvel Studios Eternals palette from Urban Decay. Featuring 15 shadows in warm desert tones in mattes, shimmers, and glitters with a few bold, bright colors in lavender, blue, and green thrown in for balance, this palette can help you create impeccable makeup looks, whether for your daily look or your next Disneybound. If you’re looking for versatility, this is the palette for you! 

Our final Disney beauty merch on Amazon is this adorable Winnie the Pooh sheet mask set featuring Pooh, Tigger, Piglet, and Eeyore. In scents like passionfruit, honey, peach, and coconut, these masks smell great and provide deep hydration to the skin. They’re perfect for spa days and kicking back with friends, and they deliver lasting hydration. Since they’re scented, we wouldn’t recommend them for sensitive skin, but if you tolerate scent well, they’re fun and worth a try!  

Cute Disney Finds on Amazon 

How do you classify something as cute as this Mickey mood lamp? At just $30, it’s affordable, adorable, and perfect for any room that would benefit from soft ambient lighting. Whether you put the lamp in your office or a bedroom, it’s sure to add a soft glow to any room. 

At Perfecting the Magic, we love dainty Disney jewelry, and this silver and pearl Mickey head necklace is no exception. Made of 925 sterling silver and featuring an 18” drop length, it strikes the perfect balance for everyday wear, and at just $14, it’s an affordable accessory that will add something special to any look.  

There are days when nothing short of a fuzzy robe will do, and it doesn’t get much fuzzier than Sulley, now does it? This midi-length robe includes a tie back, hood, and deep pockets so you can hold your phone or a few snacks for movie night. It’s peak comfort wear, and we’re ready to cuddle-up and lounge! 

Do you love puzzles? Are you a diehard Haunted Mansion fan? Then this 1000-piece puzzle may be just what you’re looking for. Gather close on bone-chilling evenings to work on this puzzle with friends, or toil over it alone and enjoy the satisfaction of knowing you completed it yourself!  

Disney and Tarot aren’t words we usually put together; however, this Alice in Wonderland Tarot deck is unique. With 78 cards of original art and an official guidebook, this Tarot deck is perfect for novices and experts alike, and makes for a special gift.  

Minnie Ears! If you’re a fan, how do you store them? While we’ve seen many different display and storage techniques over the years, we haven’t found any as chic and practical as this acrylic ear holder. Whether you’re organizing Disney headbands or ears, you can proudly show off your collection or choose to organize them in your closet with ease without risking damaging them by keeping them stuffed in pouches or stacked too closely together. If you’re into ears, we think this is a must-buy! 

Find Anything You Like? 

Did you find any must-have Disney items in our latest Amazon shopping guide? Be sure to tell us in the comments so we can tailor our picks for future shoppable pieces. Prefer to connect on socials? Tag us in your favorite Disney items on Instagram and TikTok so we can see what you love and want to see in the future! 

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