The Most Challenging Way to Do Disneyland’s Easter Egg Hunt


Want to complete the Disneyland Eggstravaganza but think it’s too easy? We’ve got you, Discrew.

We love doing the Disneyland Easter egg hunt every year at the southern California theme parks, but we often find that using the hints that Disney provides makes the hunt far too easy. So, we invented an alternate way to play!

Typically, to participate in the Eggstravaganza, guests will pick up a game board for around $10, search for Easter eggs based on the clues, and then redeem it for a prize once they’ve found all of the Disney character-themed eggs. Instead, to do the Disneyland Resort Easter egg hunt on what we call “hard mode,” you can either pick up a game board and not look at the egg location hints on the back, or don’t even pick up a board at all. Then, have at it! Search the theme park for all 12 eggs. It’s pretty challenging without knowing the general location of each egg, but trust us, it’s more fun this way.

We recommend this method for Magic Key holders who plan to return to the parks multiple times between now and April 17, or anyone who will spend the whole day at Disneyland with enough dedication to complete the challenge!

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