Welcome to our new series all about the most unique shops at Disney Parks from coast to coast! In our first video, we’re taking you to one of Walt Disney World Resort’s hidden gems: Memento Mori at Magic Kingdom.

Themed after the Haunted Mansion, Memento Mori is by far one of the most quirky, interesting (and, dare we say, haunting?) shops at Walt Disney World. Hidden in plain sight in Liberty Square just steps away from the home of 999 happy haunts, Memento Mori isn’t your typical Disney merchandise location. In fact, we’d argue that this shop is almost as immersive as the Haunted Mansion attraction itself!

Gaze upon Memento Mori, the Haunted Mansion gift shop at Walt Disney World.

The store is filled with Haunted Mansion merchandise and souvenirs — some of which you can’t find anywhere else on Walt Disney World property — as well as curiosities that will pique the interest of even the most seasoned Disney fans.

Even if you are on a tight budget and don’t plan to purchase anything, be sure to stop by Memento Mori on your next visit to Magic Kingdom just to take in the atmosphere. You can chat with a Cast Member to learn more about the shop’s backstory (it’s known to be the last residence of Madame Leota herself, and you’ll even see touches of her throughout the store).

Memento Mori is one of the most unique Disney shops and is worth a visit for Haunted Mansion superfans and Disney Parks newbies alike. See for yourself in our video on TikTok below!

The Most Unique Disney Shops: Memento Mori at Magic Kingdom